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The following items for sale from Lute society members - ads also appear in Lute News magazine. Non-members can advertise for a single payment of £10, contact us for details. Sections refer to month the item was listed here. Items are removed after approximately 12 months from listing, but you can re-submit your listing at that stage if required. If you can't find something here you could try our small ads - overseas listings. If you submit a item for the listing, please notify us when it is sold.

As you can see, information about your lute should include:- number of courses, string length, maker, year made, historical model if any, general remarks about special characteristics, whether with hard case, your city/region/country, asking price, contact details.

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Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement or approval by The Lute Society.

Aug 2019

6 course lute in g’ after Gerle by Bruce Brook, 2010, immaculate condition. Vibrating string length 60cm. Neck of beech; pegs and fingerboard edging of walnut; fingerboard and bridge of pear; 11 ribs of yew. Currently strung with Aquila nylgut and Savarez KF basses. Comes with fitted Kingham case. £2,500. Pictures at Contact Ian

8 course multi-ribbed lute in G by Martin Shepherd, built 1998. Cypress back (31 ribs with ebony spacers), string length 60cm. Strung in nylgut, currently at 440, but just as happy at 415 (full set of strings for this pitch included). The soundboard has recently been rebarred, and the action reset, by luthier Tony Johnson on recommendation of Martin Shepherd. Now perfectly set up and fettled, it looks and sounds wonderful, with a bright sweetness to the sound. Velvet Kingham case included. £3,300. Email .

Jul 2019

10-course lute by Michael Lowe (1971); his second lute. String length - 63.5 cms. The lowest three courses are on a stepped extension. Marquetry on back of neck and pegbox. Fitted Paxman case included. This lute is not a strictly historical model, though of a type not uncommon in the 1970's. Price - £3,000. The lute is located in Truro, Cornwall, UK. Tel: 01872 540814.

7-course lute, 59.8 cm, by Bruce Brook (2012) after Gerle, back of 11 ribs of cherry wood, neck and peg box of beech, pegs of plum. Soundboard of European spruce with rose design after Wendelio Venere and plum bridge. Also included Kingham MTM case. Much regretted sale forced by injury. In Lymington, Hampshire. £3000, photos on request, contact Peter Kemp, tel 07530 857631,

8-course lute in G by P Roberts,1997. String length: 62.8cm. Sycamore back, walnut neck, ebony fingerboard. Newly strung and serviced by Klaus Jacobsen, and in excellent condition. Perfect action, smooth-turning pegs. £1,800. Reasonable offers considered. Includes MTM velvet-lined Kingham hard case, condition as-new. Available to view in London. Photos and contact details here:

10 course lute in G, 62cm, by Stephen Gottlieb (1976) after Harton, with felt-lined ‘authentic’ wooden case as seen in 16th and 17th century pictures. 37 cherry ribs with ebony spacers, ebony pegbox and fingerboard, pristine condition £3500 ono, beautiful sound, photos on request, contact Nicholas Howard, tel: 07780 973857 Bucks/Oxon area e:

7 course lute in F, 67cm, by Stephen Barber (1980) after Maler, with Paxman case, 9 plum ribs, ebony pegbox and fingerboard, pristine condition, £2500 ono, beautiful sound, photos on request, contact Nicholas Howard, tel: 07780 973857 Bucks/Oxon area e:

The Marsh Lute Book facsimile published by Boethius Press. The hardcover is scratched and dented (photos available on request), but in good condition for its age. The pages are good with no folded corners or significant defects. There are a few penciled annotations. As far as I can tell there are no copies available anywhere in the world. Contact Gordon Gregory, phone: 00447733224933, email: . Best offer over £70. Plus P&P, £10 in the UK, £16 Europe, £25 USA, other locations on request.

Jun 2019

8 course Renaissance lute - by Arthur Robb 2018 with, Swiss pine soundboard, English cherry back, neck and pegbox, fingerboard FSC African blackwood and amplified with an internal DPA 4061 lapel microphone. The amplified sound is astonishingly accurate. Full information at: or email or phone 01666-822945. Price of £3500 includes a Kingham (MTM) case.

May 2019

6 Course Vihuela in G - By M J Cummins, 1984. Tuning length 59.5 cm. Laminated fingerboard and inlay decorated soundboard. Refretted and newly strung in Nylgut - In very good condition with an extremely fast action. Sweet sound and excellent projection. The vihuela comes with velvet lined hard case. £1,900. Photos available on request. Available to view in Norwich. Contact Tony or Jane Scheuregger, Norwich, 01603 454402 or 07786 057484 -

4 Course Renaissance Guitar - By Dante Canales Oliva, 2017. Tuning length 54 cm. Laminated fingerboard with strings and frets in good condition. This is a loud instrument with a full, round tone. The guitar has been regularly used in concerts where it is highly effective with other instruments and voice and can be heard on our CD The instrument comes without a case. £1,200. Photos available on request. Available to view in Norwich. Contact Tony or Jane Scheuregger, Norwich, 01603 454402 or 07786 057484 -

Apr 2019

Original 6-string Romantic Guitar c.1820, a Mirecourt (France). String-length 620mm.The instrument has been masterfully restored to full working order by Chris Egerton, in new hard-shell wood case. A wonderful example from the period, mostly original and very little played during the length of its 200-year life. Its restoration was completed in October 2016 and it has been very stable and reliable ever since. It is comfortable to play with beautiful, well-balanced tone and response. A professional, fully-functional original; no need to purchase a new replica! More details are available upon enquiry (including a recording). I’m only offering it for sale as I have another similar (a Stauffer) and I have no need/desire to possess two simultaneously. The guitar is currently located in London, England. I am more than happy to have the instrument professionally packaged and dispatched by “Mail Boxes Inc.” to anywhere in the world. Price: £1445 ONO This presents a rare opportunity. For more information and/or photographs please contact: YouTube video at

7 course lute by Robert Eyland, London 1976. String length 59.2 cm. Originally made for Jakob Lindberg and used on an early recording. Very light construction, well worn but structurally sound. Newly adjusted action, perfect playing condition. With original Paxman case. £2000-. Photos in Dropbox. Can be viewed in North London.

Highly collectible mid 19th century guitar by D&A Roudhloff, London. Everything original, excellent playing condition, perfect action. There is a crack below the bridge, it does not affect the sound and it could be easily fixed, there are some very minor shrinkage cracks on the body but nothing serious. Photos in Dropbox. Fitted Kingham case. £ 3500-. Can be viewed in North London.

6 course lute in F (67 cm) by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris (2009). A fine instrument after the Laux Mahler original in Nuremberg (MI54).Currently strung in Nylgut but suits gut strings very well. Complete with velvet-lined Kingham case. Excellent condition. Full description and pictures featured on the makers’ website ( under catalogue 1, and also partway down the homepage ( Recent pictures in Dropbox. Currently at my home near Cambridge but could bring to London for anyone seriously interested. Craig Hartley, telephone: 01763 208615 or email: . £3500 or sensible offers.

Mar 2019

6 course lute, 640 mm, handmade lute for sale £1500 or near offer. The instrument is in the style of Hans Frei (from the bologna school of lute making) and modelled on a 1550's design. It has a flamed ash back, a spruce soundboard (the rose is hand carved), walnut fingerboard, and a sycamore neck and pegbox, fitted with boxwood pegs. Other notable features include the use of hide glue in its construction, as well as using good quality Aquilla strings. Made under the tutelage of luthier Paul Egholm of Barleylands by Michele Farmer 2016. Without case. (I'm based in Essex (UK) but work in London) Pictures and film of it being played by my tutor can be found here. Contact Michele

Feb 2019

8 Course Atlas Renaissance lute - restrung with nylgut and working very well, easy action and in excellent condition, with good quality case. Would suit a beginner. Great value at £550. tel 01444891267 Geoff Haxell

Dec 2018

6 string guitar in the style of Lacôte, made by Estebán Perez Esquivel, Colón, Argentina 2010. Like new, exquisite workmanship, beautiful sound, hard case. 2500 pounds. Can be viewed in London. Contact

8 course renaissance lute in g’ by Martin Shepherd, 2006, after Gerle, with Kingham case. European spruce soundboard, back of figured ash. Currently strung with Aquila nylgut and Savarez KF basses. Vibrating string length, 60cm. Well loved, well looked-after, superb condition. £3,200. For photographs go to Contact:

13 course Buchenburg (Edinburgh 3249) triple pegbox with a Jauck pegbox (based on Copenhagen CL104) triple rose from the Railich archlute (MIM1569) Inspired by the Berner CL105, this was originally an archlute made back in 2002, now has been converted with a new neck, pegbox and soundboard. Stringlength 70.3/85.3/97.5 cm in f (a=415Hz) strung with NNG & CD strings. 19 ribs and neck in Black Walnut, Bog oak fingerboard, ebonised pearwood triple pegbox, Indian rosewood pegs. 14 frets for the Bach transcriptions. Pictures seen here Located in Derby £ 2800 Contact

Sep 2018

10c Lute by Martin Shepherd, 1999. Generally in good condition. Soundboard was replaced by Tony Johnson in 2012. Comes with fitted case. Price £3000.00. Pictures and contact details at:

10/11c Lute by Martin Bowers 1978. This lute was made for Robert Spencer and can be played as an 11c baroque lute or a 10c Renaissance lute by changing the nut. Comes with fitted case. Price £2,500.00. Pictures and contact details at:

Swan-Neck lute by Tony Johnson 2005. The lute was made for me in 2005 and can be tuned to 415 or 392 if required. It comes with a fitted case. There is one small area on the bowl where a small spot of varnish is lacking. Price £4,500.00. Pictures and contact details at:

8 course Lute by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 1999. After Hans Frei with rose after Magnus Tiefenbrucker, marked with a unicorn by Stephen Barber. 11 Ribs/back in cherry; neck and pegbox in beech. Bridge, fingerboard and pegs in ebony with ebony points and half-edgings. Soundboard of European Spruce. G tuning string length 612mm. High quality hard case. This instruments is in pristine/as new condition, there are two or three marks on the case. Stephen Barber describes it as "a player's instrument." The price is 2800 UK pounds, 3000 Euros or 3500 dollars for the lute and case. Photos available on request. The lute is in north west France but I can arrange delivery to Rennes, Nantes, Paris or London - or it can be collected in person. Contact Ieuan Goch ab Einion at Photos available here.

6-course lute after Maler by Martin Shepherd (2018), 67cm string length, suitable for tuning in F (or E). Rippled maple back, beech neck and pegbox, boxwood fingerboard and pegs. £4000 (or 4500 Euros) including Kingham case. Photos and soundfile at Can be viewed in London at Lute Society meeting on 17th November. Contact Martin Shepherd at .

Aug 2018

New 6 course lute in G by Adrian Dodd and Lawrence Dodd (2018) with a 60cm string length. The bowl is after Gerle and is made of an unusually patterned ash. It has an Alpine spruce soundboard, sycamore neck and pegbox, plum bridge and hornbeam heart pegs. The fingerboard is an unusual and rare piece of rippled hornbeam. Strung in Nylgut with Aquilla red CD basses. Price £2480 includes Kingham MTM case. Full details and pictures can be found at Telephone: 01332 232051

July 2018

13 course baroque lute with bass rider, in perfect condition, by Bruce Brook (1999) after the 'Warwick' Frei. Eleven maple ribs, fingerboard in ebony with gut frets, strung in nylgut, with beautifully singing top strings. Includes a fitted Kingham case worth £475, three Tree Editions (J.S. Bach, J.A. Losy and E. Reusner), and the excellent Method for the Baroque Lute by Miguel Yisrael. Price £3600. Please contact Will at

7 course lute, 610mm, made about 2006 by Alexander Hopkins at the behest of a professor at Seville Conservatorio for a student of his. Pale woods throughout, 15 ribs with darker separating lines and binding to finger board. Pyramid strung, comes with a spare set of strings, and fretgut(natural), A simple instrument but very playable. “Perfection” gig bag with 20mm padding. Price 1500GBP. Photos available from . Is in Swansea.