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The following listings are from Lute Society members. Items are removed after approximately 12 months unless we have been notified of the sale. Abridged versions of small ads appear in Lute News magazine, published quarterly. Non-members can advertise for a single payment of £10, contact us for details. Sections refer to month the item was listed here. If you submit a item for the listing, please notify us when it is sold.

If you can't find something here, you could try our small ads - UK listings. Also Wayne Cripps has a page with lutes currently for sale on his website (USA).

As you can see, information about your lute should include:- number of courses, string length, maker, year made, historical model if any, general remarks about special characteristics, whether with hard case, your city/region/country, asking price, contact details.

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Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement or approval by The Lute Society.

Nov 2020

8 course renaissance lute, by Maurice Ottiger after Pietro Railich Scale: 60 cm. Year 2010. The lute is in perfect/new condition, it has a round and full sound. Currently the lute is in Porto, Portugal. I can send photos/videos by email. Price: 6000 Euros plus shipping. Email:

13 course baroque lute, by Jacob van Geest number 991, year 1973. Scale: 68/75 cm. The lute is in very good condition, it has a round and full sound. A small crack can be seen below the bridge. It is strung with pyramid string. It comes with a wooden case (as seen in the picture) Currently the lute is in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Price: 2300€ plus shipping. Tel: 00386/40610091 Email: it can be heard here:

Oct 2020

14 course theorbo 74/140cm by Knud Sindt, 2020. Perfect condition and ideal sound for continuo and solo music. It's a new instrument and the reason for selling it is because I need an small one to travel with more instruments. The price is 4500 eur plus shipping (it includes a Bag's luthier case). The instrument is located in Sevilla (Spain). Photos and a video: Contact:

Sep 2020

14 course archlute (2008) by Lars Jonsson after Magno Dieffopruchar (Vienna C 45). String length: 67 / 145 cm (7x7 or 6x8), in perfect condition. High level professional instrument with rich and powerful sound, comfortable low action, ideal for both continuo and solo playing. Comes with a fitted Kingham case. Asking price: 6000 € Sound and more info on request. Contact: Pictures

Aug 2020

6 course bandora, steel and brass strings NRI, String length 736 – 786 mm, Tuning a e c G D C, Fretting 1/6 comma, Valotti. By Karl-Erik Gummeson/Stockholm (1981), Sycamore, spruce and ebony. Very good condition, function and sound (fresh strings). Has been played about five years mainly in Birka Broken Consort ensemble. Including hard case. Pictures Listen to the bandora solo, more. Listen to the whole consort more The instrument is in Stockholm/Sweden, Can be sent elsewhere. Price EUR 1700. I am also selling a cittern! Contact Arne Lindberg

Cittern (1980), Four courses e´, d´, g´+ g, b. Sycamore, spruce and ebony. String length 452 mm. This instrument has been used mainly in Birka Broken Consort ensemble for about five years. Very good condition, function and sound. New strings have been installed. e´ 2x steel 0,20 mm, d´ 2x brass 0,23 mm, g´ 2x steel 0,16 mm, g 1x brass 0,37 mm, b 2x brass 0,30 mm, Pictures Listen to the cittern solo. Listen to the whole consort and more. Model based on ”The Cittern Kit” as can be purchased at Renaissance Workshop Company (Their price: Finished instrument EUR 1359). Not including hard case, VAT or shipping cost. Price including hard case EUR 1100. The instrument is in Stockholm /Sweden. Can be sent elsewhere. I am also selling a Bandora! Contact Arne Lindberg.