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The following listings are from Lute Society members. Items are removed after approximately 12 months unless we have been notified of the sale. Abridged versions of small ads appear in Lute News magazine, published quarterly. Non-members can advertise for a single payment of £10, contact us for details. Sections refer to month the item was listed here. If you submit a item for the listing, please notify us when it is sold.

If you can't find something here, you could try our small ads - UK listings. Also Wayne Cripps has a page with lutes currently for sale on his website (USA).

As you can see, information about your lute should include:- number of courses, string length, maker, year made, historical model if any, general remarks about special characteristics, whether with hard case, your city/region/country, asking price, contact details.

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Mar 2020

13 course baroque lute (bass rider) made in 1989 by Stephen Gottlieb. String length 66.5cm/71.8 cm. Model based on a smaller lute by Hans Frei in the KHM Vienna. In 2005 spun strings were replaced by nylgut and in 2017 a new belly was made by Lars Jönsson. Kingham case. Price € 3500. The instrument is in Stockholm, Sweden. Contact Håkan Söderlundh

Baroque Guitar by Martin Haycock (2007). I am selling my lovely baroque guitar by Martin Haycock. It is a fantastic instrument by one of the world's few excellent baroque guitar makers. It has a stopped string length of 66.5 cm. The neck, fingerboard and pegbox are veneered with ebony. The guitar has a superb, strong, and warm tone throughout and really good projection, doubtless due to a rare “hardwood” yew vaulted back. The spruce top is adorned with an elegant rose and ”moustache” bridge. The guitar works wonderfully for both solo music and continuo, which I find to be a surprisingly rare attribute for baroque guitars. I am only selling it since I have several new instruments arriving imminently. A new guitar from Martin with case would be around €8200 today, I purchased it for €7000. Given that I have used it a lot and that there is some wear, I would be happy to negotiate a reasonable price. The instrument comes with a custom deluxe case by Kingham. The instrument is in Paris but potentially can be seen in London too. Photos can be seen here. For further details contact Benjamin Narvey,

10c/11c lute by Lars Jönsson (2017). The instrument is an enlarged version of the Tieffenbrucker (Vienna C45) with 31 ribs of figured maple with black spacers. The neck, fingerboard and pegbox are veneered with ebony. The lute can also be set up as an 11c baroque lute (indeed Lars often uses this enlarged version of the Tieffenbrucker for his baroque lutes) and so I had him make a second nut for this purpose. The lute has a superb, strong, and warm tone throughout and really good projection. The spruce top is adorned with an elegant and very complex single rose that Lars had only attempted once before and a decorative snakewood heart. The stopped string length is 64 cm with 9 tied frets on the neck, so it is about as big, powerful and resonant a body type as you can get with this rather short string length, a really great combination of oomph and playability. Excellent action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play, since the body is very flat and the neck really nice and thin. This 10c allows ultimate flexibility with regards repertoire: you can play all renaissance repertoire on it, most baroque repertoire in 11c set-up, and indeed both solo and accompaniment roles. The instrument comes with a custom deluxe case by Victor Vorko. The instrument is in Paris but potentially can be seen in London too. Photos can be seen here. Offers are invited from prospective buyers. Contact Benjamin Narvey,

Feb 2020

14c Theorbo by James Marriage (2017) based on Matteo Sellas, Venice c.1640. 85.7cm & 168.7cm string lengths. Strung in Aquila nylgut with Aquila varnished gut diapasons. Pear dyed black bridge, pear pegs, 33 ribs (Indian rosewood with boxwood spacers), black walnut neck, lime stained ebony extended neck, and ebony fingerboard. Excellent condition, photographs available upon request. The instrument is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Contact: Luke Starkey,
Price: € 4850, including fitted Kingham MTM case with black exterior and green interior.

Jan 2020

13 course baroque lute, swan neck. 72/99 cm. by Thomas Neitzert, 1988. Restored by Klaus Jacobsen in 2011. Good condition. The lute is in Copenhagen, Denmark. contact Price 2800 GBP

Theorbo in A by Klaus Jacobsen 2010 for sale. 85/160 cm. Single strung. 6+8 , 8+6 or 7+7. Hard case from IKA. The instrument is is in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Info about the instrument in Dropbox contact Price 7100 GBP

Nov 2019

5c baroque guitar after Gaetano Guardagnini (1775) built by Steffen Milbradt, Germany. It’s a model without frills but with a fantastic neck and perfect action & playability. The sound is rich and warm - fine for solo and great for accompaniment /strumming! 66,7 cm string length. Formerly owned by Lee Santana (Los Otros etc.) = professional instrument. A few frets need a replacement some day and there is little wear on the soundboard - everything else is perfect! Comes with a fine fitted hardshell case. Currently nylgut at 440 Hz. The instrument is in Germany. 1750,- Euros. Buyer pays shipping. For more information and for pics please ask:

Oct 2019

6 course lute in A by Jason Petty. 2019. Charming 53 cm a lute. Perfect for early Italian repertoire, ensemble or a young lute player. Located in Melbourne Australia. Hard case included. $5600 AUD or £3000. Contact:

Aug 2019

6 course EMS Heritage lute, bought 2017, after Hieber, 600 mm string length. Standard tuning, Aquila Nylgut strings. Made of lacewood, spruce, walnut, including strap and soft case, mint condition, asking price 780 Euros, photos on request, contact Joe Casey, in Dublín, Ireland,

Jul 2019

10 crs student lute (after Frei) by Carlos Gonzales/Didier Jarny. 64,8 cm string lenth. Located in France, Pays de Loire. See photo and more photos. With its hard case: 1050 €, by IBAN transfer only. Contact:

Apr 2019

7 course Renaissance Lute circa 1973, by J Van Lennep, available Birmingham, Alabama, contact Homewood Music, 1712 28th Ave S, Homewood, Al 35209; Bob Tedrow
, Homewood Music : text (++1) 205-910-8262

Mar 2019

Archlute by Martin Haycock (2018) after Venere (V&A) 8500€. Stringing: 1x1 + 5x2: 67cm, 8x1: 145cm. Kingham Case with velvet inside. A shipping crate in solid wood has been made especially for the instrument and can be used. Pictures can be found here The instrument is located in Aix-en-Provence, France. contact .

10-c lute by Nigel Solomon (64cm - fall 2016) 1250€ alone and 1380€ with a padded bag from Le Point d'Accroche. Perfect action (3mm at 8th fret) The instrument has a nice and loud sound. Pictures can be found here : Located in France, Aix-en-Provence. contact .

Jan 2019

7 course renaissance lute by Lauri Niskanen in G, string length 58 cm, asking price £ 500, Norway, pictures on request, offers are welcome, contact Geir Ove Myhre:

11 course baroque lute after Laux Mahler by Lauri Niskanen, asking price £ 1000 Norway, pictures on request, offers are welcome, contact Geir Ove Myhre:

8 course lute by Stephen Gottlieb, splendid early instrument, built in 1974. String length 63,4 cms, after the grand Warwick Frei. Stephen regarded this design as the finest of all surviving Renaissance Lutes. Back of highly dense medium flamed maple, as the original. Pictures on request. Price EUR 5500, can be seen close to Munich. contact Peter Toeppel