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Nov 2015

A library of Baroque guitar music (fifteen facsimile volumes) many of which are now very much out of print. All in very good condition but with some soft pencil marks showing the best pieces in the collections. I wish to sell the library AS A WHOLE in one go and not to deal in individual works. The cheapest book was £17.50 in the early 1980's the most expensive is the two volumes of Santiago de Murza at £90.00. £350 plus any delivery charges.

1) Livres De Guiterre Adrian Le Roy 1555 Chanterelle (four course)

2) Varii Capricii Francesco Corbetta 1643 Firenze

Capricci Armonici Battista Granata 1646 Firenze

3) Intavolatura di Chittara Carlo Calvi 1646 Edizioni Solte

4) Varii Scherzi di Sonate per la Chitara Spagnola Francesco Corbetta 1646 Firenze

5) Chittarra Spagnola Battista Granata 1652 Chanterelle

6) Sepra la Chitarra Spagnuola Francesco Coriandoli 1670 Firenze

7) La Guitarre Royalle Francisque Corbetta 1670 Minkoff

8) The False Consonances of Musick Nicola Matteis 1682 Chantarelle

9) Livre de Guittarre Robert de Visee 1682¬86 Minkoff

10) Primi Scherzi di Chitarra Francesco Asiol 1684 Firenze

11) Instruccion de Musica Gaspar Sanz 1697 Minkoff

12) Passacalles yobras de Gutarra Santiago de Murza 1732 Chantrelle

14) Codice Saldivar No4 (2 vols) Santiago de Murza 1732 Illinois Press

Contact James Bisgood: Tel 01953 98975 or on email at or by mail at: James Bisgood, Hill Cottage, The Street, Great Hockham, Norfolk, IP241NH