The Lute Society: Previous Meetings

Previous meetings

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Some agendas from previous meetings are listed below.


Saturday 4 May Note - this was not the programme as originally publicised owing to no fewer than three of the participants falling ill simultaneously. Our spring meeting, at London's Dutch Church as usual, was a varied and very international affair, with an introduction to continuo playing on the d-minor tuned ‘baroque lute’ based on historical sources, by Peter Croton (with duo performances from Danny Murphy and Beth Stone), a talk on a the plucked-string instruments in a famous painting by Antiveduto Gramatica by David Rebuffa, and its reconstruction by Antonio Dattis and lots of live music, from Massimo Marchese, and from Kristiina Watt (theorbo) and Samuel Ng (viola da gamba) performing music by Coupern, Marais and de Visée, and a final recital of music by Zamboni, Melii, Kapsberger and Bach, performed by Peter Croton on liuto attriorbato.

  • Painted music: portraits of musical instruments: the identification of plucked-string instruments in Antiveduto Gramatica’s ‘concerts’ by Davide Rebuffa,
  • The reconstruction of the theorboed-guitar in Antiveduto Gramatica’s painting, by Antonio Dattis
  • Mini-recital by Massimo Marchese, to mark Giorgio Vasari’s 450th anniversary, with readings and pictures
  • An introduction to continuo playing on the d-minor tuned ‘baroque lute’ based on historical sources, after lunch, by Peter Croton with music examples played by Danny Murphy and Beth Stone
  • Mini-recital of Kristiina Watt (theorbo) and Samuel Ng (viola da gamba) performing music by Coupern, Marais and de Visée
  • Tea with wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital, Peter Croton plays music by Zamboni, Melii, Kapsberger and Bach, on liuto attiorbato.


Saturday 4th November, at the Dutch Church

Our second autumn meeting had the theme of women and the lute, in history and our own times, with talks from Matthew Spring, Josie Dixon and Sara Salloum; there was also music from Sara, Rick Jones, and Matthew Spring’s ensemble Galliarda. And for something completely different, David van Edwards addressed the subject of fake lutes—the infamous Franciolini was far from being the only forger—with a chance to see a reconstructed 17th century peepshow.

  • ‘Women and the lute’, a talk by Matthew Spring
  • ‘Ailsa Dixon and the lute’, a talk by Josie Dixon
  • Mini-recital by Sara Salloum, and talk: ‘Female lutenists in art, in allegory . . . and in actual life’
  • A lute song by Dmitri Smirnov, performed by Rick Jones
  • ‘A history of fake lutes’, a talk by David van Edwards . . . plus a live 17th century mystery peepshow!
  • The Lute Society Recital, Galliarda perform early music by women composers

Other meetings and dates in 2023

Details subject to change.

  • Nov 9th-11th Lute Society stall at London International Festival of Early Music, Blackheath

Saturday 9th September at the Dutch Church. Our first autumn meeting was a thoroughly international affair with Continental and American artists and speakers. We heard talks on the Wartburg gittern, a precious survival from the 15th century, and on the Duben collection of manuscripts in Uppsala, and some first class musical performance of lute ayres, baroque lute music by Lully and Hagen, and a final recital from Jonatan Bougt.

  • The Wartburg Gittern – New Insights (and Outlooks), a talk by Thilo Hirsch
  • Mini-recital; Matthew Spring plays his transcriptions of French baroque hits
  • Mini recital of lute songs, by Duo Oriana, Jonathan Stuchbery, lutenist, and Sinéad White, soprano
  • The Düben collection in Uppsala, a talk by Jonatan Bougt
  • Mini-recital; Andrew Maginley plays two sonatas by Bernhard Hagen on 13-course baroque lute
  • Tea with wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital, by Jonatan Bougt

Saturday 13th May 2023 at the Dutch Church. In our Spring meeting, the weekend after the Coronation, we looked East, to Central and Eastern Europe, with a talk on the lutes and lute traditions of Albania, a talk on the Codex Jacobides of Prague, and a talk on an unnoted form of the 11-course lute associated with Austria, and its repertoire. The music was excellent with the welcome return of Angela Hicks and Toby Carr performing lute songs, and Liz Kenny playing French baroque lute music.

  • Lutes and their use in local traditions in Albania, a talk by Ardian Ahmedaja
  • Mini-recital of lute songs by Angela Hicks and Toby Carr
  • Codex Jacobides - Praga circa 1600: a talk and presentation of the new edition, with music examples, by Jan Cizmar
  • The Austrian 11-course theorboed lute, a talk by Sebastian Kirsch
  • Tea with wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital: Liz Kenny plays 17th century French music on an 11-course lute by Michael Lowe, with guest appearance from Sergio Bucheli. duettist.


Saturday 19th November at the Dutch Church in the City of London. Our second autumn meeting combines an irresistible combination of attractions: the always-welcome return of one of the leading virtuosos of our time, Nigel North, both to share his thoughts on essential feature of lute culture, division playing (joined in duets by Liz Kenny) and to give a recital; the chance to hear a rare historic instrument, a Voboam guitar (Paris, 1681) and to learn of its history and restoration, from Taro Takeuchi; a baroque guitar recital by a rising star, Edwin Garcia Gonzalez from Spain, and a trip down memory lane, with recollections of a much-loved pioneer and founder member of the Society, Robert Spencer. A range of new publications were on sale, including this year’s Lute Society Christmas cards. There was also a surprise presentation to Chris Goodwin to thank him for 25 years of service as the Lute Society secretary.

  • ‘The art of division playing’ a talk by Nigel North, with live music, with Liz Kenny
  • An important 5-course guitar by Jean Voboam (Paris, 1681), history, restoration, setting and the sound, with live performance on this historic instrument, once owned by Harvey Hope, a talk and performance by Taro Takeuchi
  • Mini-recital and talk on baroque guitar by Edwin Garcia Gonzalez
  • ‘Remembering Bob Spencer’, a talk by Thea Abbott
  • Expression of thanks and a presentation of some tokens of appreciation to Chris Goodwin for 25 years of service as Lute Society Secretary, including some wine, a signed card, a novelty mug, a book of photos, and two artistic cakes depicting Chris as two famous historic lute players
  • Tea with wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital: ‘“Douce memoire”; 16th century hits on 6-course lute’, by Nigel Nort

Sept 10th, at the Dutch Church, London. We celebrated the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - and the first days of our new king's reign - with a lute song day: ‘Songs from the Street: the role of Fleet Street in English lute song’ a talk by Din Ghani, with singer Timea Gazdag, a talk on lute song composer Richard Martin by Richard Jones, a talk on Danyel's 'Can doleful notes? by Sam Brown, with music from Dowland Youth Works, and main recital from Dowland Works. So a real feast of music.

  • ‘John Danyel’s “Can doleful notes”’ a talk by Sam Brown
  • Mini-recital by Dowland Youth Works (Rachel Dawson, soprano, Sebastian Carrington, alto, William Thomas, tenor, Asa Monahan baritone, lute, Fabian Tindale-Geere bass, Laurence Williams, bass, Sam Brown, lute) songs by Dowland, Ford, and Rosseter,
  • Luke Emmet presents a restored Harwood & Isaacs lute (no. 52) for the Lute Society hire collection.
  • ‘Richard Martin, lute song composer’, a talk by Richard Jones
  • ‘Songs from the Street: the role of Fleet Street in English lute song’ a talk by Din Ghani, with Musicke in the Ayre, featuring soprano Timea Gazdag
  • Tea with wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital: Dowland Works (Emily Owen, soprano, Daniel Thompson, tenor, Laurence Williams, bass, Sam Brown, lute) perform songs by Dowland, Campion, Danyel and Ferrabosco

7th May at the Dutch Church, London. This meeting began with our AGM, and then Ian Pittaway attempted to lead us through the confusion of different types of lute-family instruments in the Middle Ages, before the lute came to dominate musical life. The rest of the day was given over to music, with one of our ever-popular young artists showcases in the afternoon, and a long-awaited return of Jakob Lindberg to give the main recital.

  • Lute Society AGM
  • Making sense of medieval plectrum instruments: citole, gittern and koboz, a talk by Ian Pittaway,
  • Young artists’ showcase: ‘Like as the lute delights’, Tristram Cooke, counter tenor, accompanied by Peter Martin
  • Young artists’ showcase: mini-recital by Mateusz Ławniczak, lute and voice
  • Young artists’ showcase: mini-recital Johan Lofving, plays theorbo music by Lully, Bach and Kapsberger
  • Tea with wine and home-made cake
  • Lute recital by Jakob Lindberg: 6-course lute music of the 16th century

Saturday 12-Feb-2022 Our first meeting of 2022—combined ancient and modern, with a precious opportunity to see historic instruments out of their museum cases: two Venere lutes of 1585 and a Ressle mandora of 1743, specially brought over from the Royal Academy of Music Museum, and to hear about their restoration, which was carried out by Martin Bowers; RAM students played briefly on each instrument and on a Martin Bowers theorbo. David van Edwards gave a talk on what we know of historical lute cases and a project to reconstruct one, and we will have the chance to hear some young artists perform. Yair Avidor made a welcome return to

  • Show and tell: a rare chance to view three instruments from the Royal Academy of Music Museum: two Venere lutes and a Ressle mandora, with a talk on their restoration; RAM students Juliet Daniel, Sergio Bucheli, Emanuele Addis, Declan Hickey and Louis Moisan will play on each instrument, plus a Martin Bowers theorbo.
  • Mini-recital of French airs de cours by Cordes en Ciel, Kristiina Watt, theorbo and Héloïse Bernard, soprano
  • Mini-recital: Peter Martin will play music by Narvaez, Newsidler, (Jean) Mouton, and de Rippe
  • Talk on historical lute cases, and a modern reconstruction, by David van Edwards
  • Tea with home made cake and wine
  • The Lute Society Recital: Les Barricades Mystérieuses; Yair Avidor plays French theorbo music by Robert de Visee, and transcriptions of music by Marais, Forqueray, Duphly and Couperin.


Saturday 6th November at the Dutch Church, study day on the Eglantine Table, dedicated to one of the most remarkable artefacts to survive from the Elizabethan era: the Eglantine Table, an astonishing piece of furniture made in the 1560s, with marquetry images of lute, guitar, cittern, violin, and other instruments, and sheet music which is so precisely carved that one can read the notes. The day marked the publication of a new study, whose editors, Chris Page and Michael Fleming were the keynote speakers; with further talks from leading authorities on the different instuments. The day included, and concluded with performances of the kind of music that would have been performed around the table. Copies of the book were available on the day.

  • A new book on the Eglantine Table, a talk by Michael Fleming
  • The objects shown on the table, historical context and reception, a talk by Christopher Page
  • The restoration of the table, a talk by Michael Fleming
  • The Eglantine table lute and its music, a talk by Matthew Spring
  • Presentation of new theorbo by Lawrence and Adrian Dodd
  • ‘The Tudor guitar: reconstructing the instrument and music—the Eglantine guitar and the Osborn MS’, an illustrated talk by Taro Takeuchi
  • The Eglantine table cittern, a talk by Peter Forrester, with music from Enzo Puzzovio
  • Grand Q&A session and general discussion
  • Tea with home made cake and wine
  • Concert: Music for the Eglantine Table, Sara Stowe, soprano, Lewis Spring, alto, Chris Goodwin, tenor, Jon Banks, bass, harp, Matthew Spring, lute, Jon Banks, harp, Taro Takeuchi, renaissance guitar, Enzo Puzzovio, cittern

11th September Like the Sleeping Beauty, the Lute Society awoke from a long slumber with its first London meeting in a long time. To satisfy our long-frustrated hunger for live music, and to support the young musicians, there was just one talk, and the rest of the day was one of our ever popular young artists’ showcase events. We hope to upload some film as much of the day as possible for the benefit of overseas members.

  • Two thoughts on John Dowland’s First Book of Songs, an illustrated talk by Sam Brown, with Angela Hicks
  • Mini-recital from Danny Murphy
  • Mini-recital of songs from David Protheroe’s new book of songs
  • Mini-recital by Kristiina Watt, theorbo, and Sophia Prodanova, violin
  • Mini-recital by Sara Salloum and Madeline de Berrie, of English renaissance songs of Love, Loss and Nature
  • Tea, wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society recital, Sam Brown and Angela Hicks perform lute ayres

May 2021: fourth virtual meeting

February 2021: third virtual meeting


November 2020: second virtual meeting

September 2020: first virtual meeting

8th May - Annual General Meeting - The Lute Society AGM was held via Zoom. Minutes and agenda are available on our annual general meetings page.

February 8th at the Dutch church, London. A rare chance to hear Falkenhagen's extraordinary 20-minute prelude in all the keys, and other works, played by young virtuoso Vinicius Perez, a talk by Bonnie Blackburn on the earliest known 'lute hero', the 15th century master lutenist, Pietrobono, and mini-recitals by Taro Takeuchi and Massimo Marchese and singer Nadi Caristi. All welcome, no need to book, admission is free, apart from the final recital, tickets for which are available during the day or on the door.

  • Mini-recital by Andi Schlegel
  • A lute virtuoso of the 15th century: Pietrobono dal Chitarino and his music, a talk Bonnie Blackburn
  • Mini-recital by Massimo Marchese and Nadia Caristi performing music from the time of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Mini-recital, by Taro Takeuchi, who will talk about his new CD The Blue Bells of Scotland and plays pieces by Straube, Haydn and Mrs. Jordan on original harp-lutes, c. 1800.
  • Falkenhagen’s Preludio in all the keys, a talk by Vincius Perez
  • Home-made cake, tea and wine
  • The Lute Society recital Vinicius Perez plays baroque lute music, including Falkenhagen’s remarkable 20-minute Preludio in all the keys


November 16th at the Dutch church, London. Lute and Oud day

  • Lute pedagogy in the 21st century – a new tutor for the Renaissance Lute based on historical sources and modern research, a talk by Peter Croton
  • On playing the oud, a talk by Nehad al Sayed
  • Mini-recital by Liz Kenny on theorbo, to mark the publication of her new CD
  • Mini-recital, by Musicke in the Ayre: Tonos Humanos: secular Spanish songs by José Marín. with Olalla Vargas (soprano) and Din Ghani (baroque guitar)
  • 26 newly discovered Italian lute manuscrips in Pessaro, a talk by Franco Pavan
  • The Lute Society recital Peter Croton and Nehad el Sayed play music for lute and oud

Saturday 7th September at the Dutch Church in the City of London.

A varied programme with lots of live music. Jesus Alonso Yllana, diver and musician, reveals how instruments in shipwrecks enable us to reconstruct renaissance guitars, and Martin Shepherd talks on Newsidler and intabulation, and there will be new music played by Jamie Akers, David Protheroe and friends and a lute song recital by newly formed duo, Madeline du Berrie and Sara Salloum; the final recital, of Polish lute music, will be given by Joachim Held.

  • Out of the deep: marine archaeology and a reconstruction of a shipwrecked 4-course guitar, talk and demonstration from Jesus Alonso Yllana
  • Mini-recital by Jamie Akers
  • Mini-recital, David Protheroe performs his own newly-composed and published lute songs, with Taro Takeuchi, Pat Glynn and Chris Goodwin
  • David van Edwards and Luke Emmet present the new, improved online picture database
  • Newsidler and the art of intabulation, a talk by Martin Shepherd
  • Mini-recital, by Madeline de Berrie and Sara Salloum
  • Home-made cake, tea and wine
  • The Lute Society recital Joachim Held plays Polish lute music of the renaissance

May 11, at The Dutch Church, London

This meeting (which begins with our AGM) offered something refreshingly different. Peter Martin gave a talk on the fascinating and often funny stories of the early days of the modern lute revival, with a 'show and tell' of some precious antique books; the rest of the day was dedicated to the lute as a street instrument, in iconography - and in the hands of today's popular entertainers, including radio DJ and street performer Lady Lovelylute, and irrepressible duo 'The Night Watch' who gave an unashamedly popular recital.

  • Annual General Meeting
  • The lute as a street instrument, a talk by David van Edwards
  • The long and winding road to the lute revival, pioneering publications 1850-1950, a talk by Peter Martin
  • Special film screening ‘Lady Lovelylute’ presented by director Laura Jane Stratford, and the star of the film, Stephanie Feeney
  • The Lute Society recital: ‘The Lute and the Street’ concert by The Night Watch

March 21-24, Benslow Lutefest, Little Benslow Hills, Hitchin with Gian Luca Lastraioli, Jacob Heringman, Lynda Sayce, Jeni Melia, Roy Marks or

9-Feb-2019 Winter meeting: caccini, and a young artists’ showcase. We welcome back Massimo Marchese to give a talk and a recital of Caccini’s songs, with an excellent soprano, Joanna Klisowska; and the rest of the day will be given over to one of our ever-popular young artists’ showcase events, where you can hear the rising stars of the next generation, several of whom have already won prestigious music awards.

  • Music and literature on the songs of Caccini, talk by Massimo Marchese
  • Young artists showcase: mini-recital by Sean Shibe
  • Young artists showcase: mini-recital of broken consort music by a student consort, with Sam Brown (lute) directed by Matthew Spring
  • Young artists showcase: mini-recital of lute songs and solos by Sergio Bucheli and Jessica Eucher
  • Young artists showcase: mini-recital by Thomas Langlois
  • Mini-recital, Richard Mackenzie plays Josquin’s Missa ad Fugam arr. Pisador
  • The Lute Society recital: Joanna Klisowska and Massimo Marchese perform songs by Caccini


November 17, meeting at The Dutch Church, talk by Nigel North, recital of 6-course lute duets by Nigel North and Michael Gondko, mini-recitals by Martin Shepherd and Musicke in the Ayre. Also presenting our new Christmas cards, Christmas music, and John Robinson's new edition.

  • The articulate lutenist, a talk by Nigel North
  • Mini-recital by Martin Shepherd, playing from his new CD of Newsidler, Francesco and Pierino
  • Mini-recital, by Brian Wright and Jeni Melia
  • The symbolism of the Goldt lute in the V&A Museum, a talk by David van Edwards
  • Mini-recital, Exiles, immigrants and emigres by Musicke in the Ayre (Helen Atkinson (sop), Melissa Scott (mezzo), Esha Neogy (bass viol, Din Ghani, lutes)
  • The Lute Society recital: Musica Duorum: Nigel North and MichaÅ‚ Gondko play lute duets from renaissance Europe

September 8, Lute Society meeting at The Dutch Church with recital by Chelys and Dame Emma Kirkby.

  • Extraordinary General Meeting, to give final approval for transfer of the Lute Society’s assets to its new Charitable Incorporated Organisation, appointment of new committee members Myles Payne and Kevin Drake as trustees of the same, and confirmation of honorary members likewise.
  • Consort song masterclass with Dame Emma Kirkby and Chelys (lutenist Jamie Akers), performers: Elizabeth Hungerford, Charlotte La Thrope with the Comalli Consort (lutenist Sergio Bucheli), and Lizzie Unsworth Wilson
  • Two citterns from Urbino, a talk by Esteban Mariño
  • Lute and viol in Bath and Wells in the 18th century, a talk by Matthew Spring
  • The Lute Society recital: Chelys with Dame Emma Kirkby perform Dowland’s Lachrymae and consort songs

August 31–September 2, Lute weekend, within Utrecht Early Music Festival featuring concert by European Lute Orchestra, 31st August, 8.15pm, at Geertekerk, Utrecht

May 5th Annual General Meeting, with recital by Andre Maginley

  • Annual General Meeting, including election of president and new committee members, and discussion of new Charitable Incorporated Organisation status for the Lute Society (There were motions (a) to approve the process of moving to a CIO in principle, (b) to approve the transfer of assets subject to the CIO being registered by the Charity Commission, at a date and amount to be determined by the trustees and (c) to approve dissolution of the old charity shortly thereafter.)
  • German 18th century lute compositional techniques and style, a talk by Andrew Maginley
  • Mini-recital, from Sara Salloum
  • Nearly ready! David van Edwards presents our iconography database, now online and undergoing final refinements
  • Plucked continuo instruments, why history matters, a talk by Michael Lowe
  • The Lute Society Recital, German lute music of the 18th century, played by Andrew Maginley

February 10th, Fantasia improvisation day A joint meeting with the Lute Fantasia Improvisation Project of Geneva, with talks, masterclasses and final recital by Bor Zuljan.

  • The lute fantasia improvisation project, Jean-Yves Haymoz and Bor Zuljan introduce a new research project around fantasia improvisation on lute in the 16th century at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève and other institutions
  • Fantasia improvisation masterclass led by Jean-Yves Haymoz and Bor Zuljan
  • Presentation of theorbo made by David van Edwards lute building summer school, played by Yasuhiro Nakashima
  • Mini-recital to mark the 450th anniversary of Philip Rosseter, by Musick in the Ayre, Din Ghani and Jeni Melia
  • 'Understanding Francesco Spinacino: The use of contrapunto alla mente and mode in the recercares from Intabulatura de lauto libro primo', a talk by Eric Thomas
  • Finale of fantasia improvisation masterclass
  • The Lute Society Recital: The improvised fantasia of the early 16th century, recital by Bor Zuljan


November 18, Mediaeval lutes day at the Dutch Church. This meeting was one of our themed meetings, on a topic we tend to neglect, the mediaeval lute. We were delighted to welcome Jacob Mariani, to discuss his reconstruction of the mediaeval cetra, something barely attempted hitherto, and José Luis Pastor, one of the leading Spanish performers on mediaeval plucked strings. Matthew Spring discussed the earliest tablatures, while Massimo Marchese and Brian Wright plus singers made a welcome return.

  • The mediaeval art of the plectrum a talk, and demonstration of vihuela de peñola, Spanish and Italian mediaeval lutes, citole, hurdy gurdy, and mediaeval guitar, by José Luis Pastor
  • Mini-recital: Leonardo’s lute, music by Dalza, Spinacino, Capirola, and Da Milano, by Massimo Marchese
  • Building the Ferrara cetra, talk by Jacob Mariani
  • Mini-recital of new Christmas music, by Brian Wright, performed by Jeni Melia, Jess Hallett and the composer
  • Early lute and keyboard tablature, a talk by Matthew Spring
  • The Lute Society Recital: The art of the mediaeval plectrum lute multi-instrumental recital by José Luis Pastor.

September 9, Original Instruments day, late lutes and early guitars: at the Dutch Church. Our late summer meeting featured the dual attractions of lots of live music, from a notably youthful roster of talent, and the chance to hear more original historical instruments. Taro Takeuchi brought an old Tielke lute and presented further researches on the ‘modern lutes’ of Regency England, while Peter Lay brought and played some historic guitars. We heard a new work played by Matt Wadwsorth, and young artists Richard Mackenzie, Ryaan Ahmed, Toby Carr and Vinicius Perez. Truly a meeting to unite the lute’s past and its future!

  • The ‘Lute’ and its Music, c. 1800: focusing on a converted Tielke lute, a talk, and demonstration of an original instrument by Taro Takeuchi
  • Mini-recital, a new work for theorbo by Steve Goss, played by Matt Wadsworth
  • Mini-recital ‘Tombeaux, a secular requiem for my father’ played by Richard Mackenzie
  • Mini-recital of theorbo and baroque guitar duets, played by Ryaan Ahmed and Toby Carr
  • An Accidental Collection, Peter Lay plays and discusses some of his collection of historic guitars
  • Home-made cake, tea and wine
  • The Lute Society Recital: The Galant Lute, Vinicius Perez plays lute music from the last days of the lute

Spring meeting, 6-May-2017 - at the Dutch Church London. At our meeting we enjoyed a treat we have not enjoyed in a while: a concert of lute and harpsichord duets. We also welcomed back Yavor Genov to discuss and play music from the Wurstisen lute book, and continued our perennial theme of historic insttument show-and-tell events, with the chance to hear a restored Sellas guitar with an original soundboard. And Sam Brown, a rising star among recitalists, discusses the composer John Danyel and his poet brother Samuel Danyel.

  • Lute Society AGM
  • Music, Poetry and the Jacobean elite: John Danyel and his brother Samuel, a talk by Sam Brown
  • The music of the Wurstisen lute book, an illustrated talk by Yavor Genov
  • A Sellas guitar with original soundboard demonstrated by the owner, Bernhard Hofstoetter, and restorer Alexander Batov
  • Home-made cake, tea and wine
  • The Lute Society Recital, Sam Brown and Nathaniel Mander perform lute and harpsichord duets

22 April, (extra meeting) A joint study day with the Early Dance Circle: 15th Century Dance and the Lute Inspired by the success of our last joint meeting with the EDC, we held a joint study day looking at the subject of dancing to the lute in the 15th century. At the Dutch Church.

  • The instrumental accompaniment of 15th century dance, a talk by Bill Tuck
  • The iconography of the 15th century lute and of its use in dance accompaniment, a talk by David van Edwards
  • Further short presentations and discussion
  • Dancing to Domenico’s instruments: Demonstration and workshop with audience participation led by Hazel Dennison, including live music from Bill Tuck
  • Final dance display with live music: Renaissance Footnotes, Hazel Dennison, Barbara Segal & Friends; with music from Matthew Spring and Chris Elmes

February 4 - Original instruments day Original instruments day at the Dutch Church - historic mandolins; joint meeting with the Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Federation, with original instruments from the RCM collection, and private collections. Talks by Paul Sparks, Lars Berglund, Anna Rita Addessi, and Mimmo Peruffo. Recital by Davide Rebuffa, Andrea Damiani and Mauro Squillante.

  • The mandolin in 18th century Britain, a talk by Paul Sparks
  • The Gimo Collection and neapolitan mandolin repertoire in the second half of the 18th century, a talk by Lars Berglund and Anna Rita Addessi.
  • Mandolin gut and wire strings in the 17th and 18th centuries, a talk by Mimmo Peruffo
  • The mandolino in the 17th and early 18th century, talk by Davide Rebuffa with a presentation of original instruments from the Royal College of Music, Giovanni Accornero and Beare Violins Ltd, private collections, including a 4-course mandolino with its original case, from Stradivari’s workshop.
  • Wine, tea and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital: The mandolin in Rome in the time of Corelli, Music by Cappelini, Colista, Ugolini, Caldara and Corelli, performed on original instruments by The Early Mandolin Academy: Davide Rebuffa (4 and 5-course mandolino), Mauro Squillante (5-course mandolino) and Andrea Damiani (theorbo and chitarra alla Spagnuola).

Historic Mandolin Workshop day, Sunday 5th February - The presence of Davide Rebuffa and Mauro Squillante in London enabled a day of workshops. This event was of special interest to players of historic mandolins, but participants using modern styles of mandolin were also very welcome to take part. Davide Rebuffa’s classes focused on the baroque mandolino and music by Sauli. Mauro Squillante is a specialist in the repertoire, performance techniques and organology of historic plectrum instruments and concentrated on performance practice for the baroque Neapolitan mandolin, using music by Leone and Gervasio, composers known to have spent time in London during the 18th century.

  • Morning Sessions with Davide Rebuffa - Mandolino basics, Sauli, Partita V in G Minor: Ouverture and Allemande, Historic plectra and string choices.
  • Afternoon Sessions with Mauro Squillante - Playing legato, chords using pieces from Leone’s metodo, Bass lines, using Gervasio Sinfonia; Rhetoric, using Gervasio Sinfonia 3.


Saturday 19th November at the Dutch Church - a talk on improvisation and recital by improvisation expert Paula Chateauneuf, and an exploration of a recently discovered cache of baroque music manuscripts in Ghent, presented by their discoverer, Greet Schamp, with mini-recitals of their music for voice, lutes, cittern, baroque guitar, and baroque harp, each given by leading players of those instruments. A joint meeting with the Belgian Lute Academy.

  • The Noodle Factory: how to create ornamentation and divisions in the manner of the great Improv Masters of the lute and other instruments, a talk by Paula Chateauneuf
  • The Ghent music manuscripts, Greet Schamp presents her recent discovery of a cache of music manuscripts from Ghent
  • Mini-recital Greet Schamp plays 12-course lute music from the Ghent MSS
  • Mini-recital Taro Takeuchi plays baroque guitar music from the Ghent MSS
  • Mini-recital Enzo Puzzovio plays diatonic cittern music from the Ghent MSS
  • Mini-recital Frances Kelly plays baroque harp music from the Ghent MSS
  • Home-made cake, tea and Belgian beer tasting
  • Mini-recital Richard MacKenzie plays 11-course lute music from the Ghent MSS
  • Mini-recital Richard MacKenzie plays music from the last volume of Brian Wright’s Musica Natalis, lute music for Xmas
  • The Lute Society Recital, The Final Flourish: a celebration of the exuberant and extravagant late Golden Age, a recital by Paula Chateauneuf

10-Sep-2016, 60th birthday event. This was not at the Dutch Church, but instead at our historic home, (where our foundress Diana Poulton heard Arnold Dolmetsch playing the lute a century ago) the Art Workers Guild, Bloomsbury

To mark the 60th anniversary of our inaugural meeting, held in October 1956, our meeting had a festive character with lots of music, besides trips down memory lane with members who were there in the very early days, space to think about what has changed in early music over six decades, cake and wine.

  • ‘A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing’: Our Ever-changing View of the Lute and its Music, a talk by Anthony Bailes, followed by floor discussion.
  • If you can remember the ’60s: a panel of veteran members recall the early days, with slide show.
  • Mini-recital: Sara Stowe and Matthew Spring perform songs by Nicholas Lanier.
  • Mini-recital: The Lachrimae Consort play consort music in tribute to our founder, Ian Harwood.
  • Mini-recital: Duo Piccolo e Grande play mandolin and theorbo duets.
  • The first Lute Society recital: Nigel North plays the programme from the first ever Lute Society recital, given by Desmond Dupré in October 1956.
  • Cutting of the home-made lute-cake, with tea and wine.
  • The Lute Society Recital: ‘Les Cloches de Vienne’ – Lute Music from Salzburg and Vienna, played by Anthony Bailes.

7-May-2016 at the Dutch Church: AGM, a mini-recital on 12-course lute, and talk on messy manuscripts by Evan Plommer, a talk on the Emilian lutenists, and on her theorbo tutor, and a recital of Italian archlute music by Francesco Torelli, talk and mini-recital by John Reeve on his original 17th century lute.

This meeting was be an international affair, with British, Canadian and Italian speakers and performers, and had a decidedly 17th century flavour.

  • Lute Society AGM
  • The Emilian Lutenists; and a theorbo tutor, a talk by Francesca Torelli.
  • Mini-recital ‘Flat tuning orphans from Messy Manuscripts’, on 12-course lute, by Evan Plommer
  • What can we do with messy manuscripts? a talk by Evan Plommer
  • An original 17th century lute, mini-recital and talk by John Reeve
  • Tea, wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital, Francesca Torelli plays Italian archlute music of the 17th and 18th centuries

30-Jan-2016 - Original instruments day

Meeting held at the Dutch Church. We had seven original plucked string instruments, played by some of today's leading players. Several of these instruments are on special loan from museums so this is a unique opportunity. And we enjoyed recitals by talented younger players, Yavor Genov and Jadran Duncumb.

  • The Ledbury Lute: a very rare museum example of a Regency period ‘Modern Lute’ plus an original Apollo lyre and a Light harp-lute; a talk by Chris Egerton, with demonstrations by Taro Takeuchi
  • Mini-recital music of Dowland, Kapsberger and others, by Yavor Genov
  • An original instrument project, a talk with mini-recital on original 18th century guitars (Baroque and English) from a museum in Japan, by Taro Takeuchi
  • Who was Behind the Making of the First Spanish Guitars in London? a talk by James Westbrook of The Guitar Museum; with a chance to see an early extant example belonging to Taro Takeuchi.
  • Tea, wine and home-made cake
  • The Lute Society Recital, Jadran Duncumb (winner of the 2015 Maurizio Pratola competition) performs baroque lute music by Gallot, Mouton and Weiss


12-Sep-2015 - Learning the lute and young performers showcase

In what was surely an appropriate pairing, our meeting combined talks on the theme of how people learnt the lute in two of its Golden Ages, renaissance England and baroque Austria, with a young artists’ showcase, giving us a chance to enjoy the music of the rising generation of students and your professionals.

  • Lute pedagogy in renaissance England: Methods and motivations, a talk by Michael Gale
  • Teaching and learning the lute in baroque Austria, a talk by Tim Crawford
  • Mini-recital by Mattia Corda
  • Mini-recital, Niki Andronikou plays the Cypriot lute, and Marina Deligianni sings Greek and Cypriot songs.
  • Mini-recital by Sam Brown
  • Mini-recital by Thomas Mollett
  • Mini-recital by by Ensemble Jenn of Paris
  • The Lute Society Recital, Alex McCartney plays lute music in accords nouveaux

9-May-2015 - Spring meeting

At the Dutch Church AGM (including constitutional vote on restriction on number of times president can stand), Jean-Marie Poirier and Thierry Meunier gave a talk on baroque lute duets and baroque lute duet recital, and there was an illustrated talk on Galilei by Zak Ozmo.

  • AGM (including, vote on occasionally paying for meetings, presidential election, vote on restriction on number of times president can stand to two terms)
  • Baroque lute duets, illustrated talk from Jean-Marie Poirier and Thierry Meunier
  • Mini-recital, by Andrew Maginley, 13c baroque lute music by Weiss, Bach and Hagen
  • Presentation of newly made children’s hire lute by Tim Southon, to be played by Pat Glynn
  • Vincenzo Galilei, a talk from Zak Ozmo
  • The folding theorbo, a talk and demonstration by Klaus Jacobsen
  • The Lute Society Recital, Jean-Marie Poirier and Thierry Meunier play baroque lute duets

31-Jan-2015 - Three "Golden Ages" of the lute

Our first meeting of the new year celebrated three ‘Golden Ages’ of the lute: 17th century France, with a talk, mini-recital and recital by Benjamin Narvey; 18th century Germany, with a mini-recital of the music of Weiss, by Richard Mackenzie, and an afternoon dedicated to John Dowland, with a mini-recital by Michele Carreca, and a forum discussing Dowland’s graces, led by Christopher Wilson and Martin Shepherd.

  • The luth double, an illustrated talk on a neglected French 17th century lute, by Benjamin Narvey, followed by a mini-recital, with Oliver Webber, violin
  • Mini-recital, Richard Mackenzie plays music by S. L. Weiss.
  • Mini-recital, Michele Carreca plays music from his new Dowland album
  • Dowland’s ornaments, a forum with talks by Christopher Wilson and Martin Shepherd, followed by floor discussion
  • The Lute Society Recital, Benjamin Narvey plays French and German baroque lute music

About the artists:


15-Nov-2014 Thomas Mace "Lute Dyphone" day - the wonder of the age!

An unmissable meeting. Over the years we have often dreamt of a reconstruction of one of the most extraordinary lutes of the 17th century, Thomas Mace’s ‘lute dyphone’. Now at last Italian luthier Antonio Dattis has built a copy—and it sounds great! It was shipped to England specially for this meeting, and it may be many years before it comes here again—this may have been your best chance to see and hear it. Davide Rebuffa played a mini-recital on it, besides presenting his recently published history of the lute. Mimmo Peruffo made a guest appearance to talk about the strings. We also welcomed two lute song duos, Elena Cicinskaite and Marina Theodoropoulou, and Brian Wright with Jeni Melia.

  • Coffee and welcome to new members
  • The Milanese lutenists, a talk by Franco Pavan
  • Mini-recital, Elena Cicinskaite and Marina Theodoropoulou perform lute songs
  • Mini-recital Brian Wright and Jeni Melia perform Christmas carols in Brian Wright’s new arrangements
  • Mace’s Lute dyphone; a reconstruction, talk by Antonio Dattis, mini-recital by Davide Rebuffa, and talk on strings by Mimmo Peruffo.
  • A new history of the lute, a presentation by David Rebuffa

3-Sep-2014 French and Italian day

At the first of two meetings with a mostly Italian flavour, with talks on the composer Fallamero and on the music of the Thibaut manuscript; and a main recital of lute and theorbo duets. In fact there is another Italian connection in the shape of the diarist Samuel Pepys’s guitar teacher Morelli, who made many of the song arrangements found in his music manuscripts, a selection of which will appear in a forthcoming edition of baroque guitar songs, and which will be previewed in a mini-recital by Jon Rattenbury and friends. Something we have never had at a Lute Society meeting is dancing to the baroque guitar and English guitar..

  • The lute music of Gabriel Fallamero, a talk by Massimo Marchese
  • Mini-recital, Wezi Elliott, Jon Rattenbury, David Protheroe and ensemble perform music including Lully songs from Samuel Pepys’s MSS
  • Mini-recital with dance display, Taro Takeuchi plays French baroque guitar music and English guitar music, with dancer
  • The Thibault Manuscript, talk and mini-recital by Hector Sequera, and ensemble.
  • The Lute Society Recital, ‘Toccate, canzoni e correnti nel pizzicar di corde’ concert of lute and theorbo duets by Massimo Marchese and Elena Cicinskaite

22-Feb-2014, Lute Symbolism day

As we all know the lute has a rich and complex symbolic language, which was not only a matter for the musings of artists and salon intellectuals, but which actually fed back into the music that was composed for it.

  • The lute as emblem, a talk by Simon Rees
  • Orpheus Reviv’d, a talk by Anthony Rooley
  • To pluck or not to pluck, is that a question? a talk by Anthony Rooley
  • Constantijn Huygens’ Harmonic Garden, a talk by Judy Tarling, illustrated with songs performed by James Bramley and Roseanna Skikun
  • The Lute Society Recital ‘Orphan Wailings’ recital by Evelyn Tubb, Anthony Rooley, Ziv Braha


16-Nov-2013, French Baroque day

  • Reconstructing the Praetorius harp-lute, a talk by student luthier Sheldon Gabriel
  • Observations on the lute in 17th Century France, A source hitherto unrecognised, a talk by Fred Jacobs
  • Mini-recital Benjamin Narvey plays French baroque lute music, by Gaultier le Vieux, Mouton, Gallot and Visée, on a gut-strung French lute by Stephen Gottlieb.
  • A lesson with Charles Mouton, Chris Wilson imagines a lesson with Mouton from what we know of his technique
  • The Lute Society Recital: Confidences Galantes, Fred Jacobs plays French theorbo music by Robert de Visée, also by Nicolas Hotman, Charles Hurel and Estienne le Moine, from his new CD, on a French theorbo by Michael Lowe.

14-Sep-2013, Young Players' Day

The day was an invitation to come and hear the star players of tomorrow! Plus an intriguing talk on the application of technology to recreating lost sounds of the past.

  • Mini-recital Alex Pullinger, lute
  • Mini-recital Toby Carr, baroque guitar and lute
  • Sounds from silence, using technology to recreate lost musical sounds, a talk by Chris Egerton
  • Mini-recital by Hana Alivodic, baroque lute
  • Presentation of new treble lute by James Malt, played by Carl Suter
  • Mini-recital Alex McCartney, lute, Michael Solomon Williams, tenor, Emma Bradley Mantero, soprano
  • Mini-recital Sam Brown, lute, and Marie Jaermann, soprano
  • Mini-recital James Bramley, theorbo, Mie Ito, baroque harp and Roseanna Skikun, soprano
  • Some reflections on lute song performance, a short talk by Dame Emma Kirkby
  • The Lute Society Recital, a concert of lute duets played by Sam Chapman and Ryosuke Sakamoto

12-Jan-2013, held at the Dutch Church, with star guest performer Paul O'Dette, (fresh from his Dowland recital at the Wigmore Hall on Thursday 10th).

  • Lute technique a talk by Paul O’Dette, followed by question and answer session
  • Mini-recital, Richard Mackenzie plays lute music by Bianchini
  • Mini-recital of music by Caccini, Castaldi and Monteverdi, performed by Charlotte Osborn and Oskar Werninge (theorbo)
  • Mini-recital of music by Dowland and Purcell, performed by Anna Thunstrom and Wezi Elliott
  • The Lute Society Recital, Paul O’Dette plays English and Continental renaissance lute music.


17-Nov-2012, held at the Dutch Church: Accords nouveaux day on early 17th century 'transitional tunings' music. It was a chance to hear and find out about a lute repertoire far too seldom played.

  • Swiss soldiers in Paris: music in accords nouveaux instead of yodelling, a talk by Andreas Schlegel
  • Mini-recital, Martin Eastwell plays transitional tuning 12-course lute music from the Wemyss lute book
  • ‘The 1612 Overture’ a mini-recital to mark some quatercentenaries: by Din Ghani with Musicke in the Ayre (Helen Atkinson, Jeni Melia and Esha Neogy)
  • The accords nouveaux : a survey of their history, sources and music. a talk by Francois-Pierre Goy [indisposed] talk read by our Chairman, Luke Emmet
  • The Lute Society Recital, ‘Les Accords Extraordinaires’ Sigrun Richter plays suites by François Dufaut, Pierre Gaultier, and René Mezangeau.

8-Sep-2012 at the Dutch Church: Little lutes and mandolins day.

The modern lute revival has happily taken large lutes and theorboes to its heart, but less attention has been paid to little lutes, and closely related mandolin-family instruments. For this themed day, which explored the world of these neglected instruments, we welcomed international artists and experts from Gemany and Italy, to talk about and perform plucked string music for the smaller lutes.

  • Early mandolin in historical iconography and modern practice. a talk by Giorgio Ferraris
  • Show-and-tell and mini-recital, a mammoth ivory mandolin replica, discussed and played by Enzo Puzzovio, accompanied by Stewart McCoy
  • The relationship between lute and early mandolin, a talk by Susanne Herre
  • Show-and-tell, and talk: Taro Takeuchi discusses original round-backed English guitars from his collection, and Peter Holman discusses the life and musical activities of Ann Ford
  • The Lute Society Recital: the Ensemble Baschenis play Italian music for two mandolins, theorbo and cello

5-May-2012 at the Dutch Church - our AGM and Latin American day.

For this exciting themed day, we welcomed international artists and experts from Argentina, Spain and the Netherlands, to talk about and perform historical plucked string music from Latin America. At the AGM we elected a new President, David Van Edwards. Carlos Gonzales was the guest luthier and brought plans and posters of the Quito vihuela.

  • Annual General Meeting, agenda as usual, but also to included election of new president, and discussion of constitution
  • Plucked instruments and their repertoire in Latin America, from the 16th to the 19th century, a talk by Gabriel Schebor
  • Iberian influences in Japanese music, a short talk, and mini-recital, by David van Ooijen
  • Mini-recital, music of Dowland and Michelangelo Galilei, Alex McCartney
  • New information on the Quito vihuela, and a replica, a talk by Carlos Gonzalez with demonstration recital by Mabel Ruiz
  • The Lute Society Recital: Gabriel Schebor and Ana Paula Segurola play baroque guitar and harpsichord duets

9-Feb-2012: Held at the Dutch Church, included mini recitals of music by Ballard and new music by Brian Wright, with a Bach recital by Bill Carter. The guest luthier was Tony Johnson. Wilfred Foxe's new edition of the Bach lute works, for 13c lute, was on sale, along with other new editions.

  • Coffee and welcome to new members/beginners
  • Authenticity and modern lute technique - time to think again? A talk by Martin Eastwell.
  • Mini-recital, the music of Robert Ballard, by Simon Linne
  • Mini-recital of new lute songs by Brian Wright and Jeni Melia.
  • Bach's lute works, a pre-concert talk by William Carter
  • The Lute Society Recital: William Carter plays Bach.


19-Nov-2011: Our November meeting was as varied as could be, ranging from Elizabethan, through baroque, to our own computer age; also a very cosmpolitan affair, with Hector Sequera from Venezuela, Susan King from New Zealand playing baroque lute music from an Australian manuscript, and a Polish concert duo LuteDuo. Marcos Kaiser Mori was present as a guest luthier.

  • The Paston lute books: a talk by Hector Sequera
  • Presentation of Baroque lute music from an Australian lute book, played by Susan King
  • Presentation of contemporary Australian and Tasmanian lute music, played by Susan King
  • The Electronic Corpus of Lute Music, a collaborative project for lutenists worldwide: a talk and live on-screen demonstration by Tim Crawford
  • The Lute Society recital: Anna Kowalska and Anton Birula play baroque guitar and theorbo duets

On 10-Sep-2011 we had our Hungarian lute day, at the Hungarian Cultural Centre, 10 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7NA

A day of talks and concerts, jointly organised with The Hungarian Cultural Centre, exploring the rich and fascinating heritage of the lute in Hungary, from the renaissance to the living tradition of the koboz and its music. The Kecskés Ensemble from Szentendre played ancient Hungarian music; a rich sound-world of lutes, theorbo, harp, psaltery, koboz, recorder, gourd-fiddle, Turkish pipe, gemshorn, crumhorn, viola da gamba, hurdy gurdy, renaissance guitar, and song, and other instruments. It was a rare chance to hear this pioneering music group, on a visit to England.

Tünde Fábri-Ivánovics and Géza Fábri are a duo from Szeged who play the oldest strata of Hungarian and East European folk music, reviving a heritage rooted in the Middle Ages, with a finely wrought yet sincere performance style. Their unique sound is established by Tünde Ivánovics’ voice and Géza Fábri’s koboz (or cobză), an ancient East European instrument. This simple combination is used in a deep and conscious way to create music that is both a true tribute to the spirit of tradition, and at the same time a thrilling novelty in each moment.

  • András Kecskes: The 150 years of renaissance lute in Hungary
  • Presentation of lute made by David van Edwards’ summer school students; Wilfred Foxe will play on it a tombeau for Ian Harwood
  • Tünde Fábri-Ivánovics and Géza Fábri ‘Ha folyóvíz volnék . . .’ / ‘If I were a river . . .’; traditional singing and koboz music in the cultural heritage of the ‘csángó’ Hungarians from Moldva
  • Musical finale

On 12-Feb-2011 we had our Jumbo Manuscript day, with recital by Stewart McCoy playing from the Mathew Holmes manuscript, Dd.2.11. Programme included:

  • Mathew Holmes' greatest lute book, Cambridge MS Dd.2.11 - some new discoveries, a talk by Stewart McCoy
  • Notation and ornamentation in 17th century French lute music, part 2: the courante, a short lecture recital by Chris Wilson
  • The Balcarres lute book, a facsimile and edition, a talk by Matthew Spring
  • The Thysius Lute Book, a talk by Jan Burgers
  • The Lute Society recital, Stewart McCoy plays music from Mathew Holmes lute book, Dd.2.11

21-May-2011 Each year, the Spring meeting, at which the AGM is held, consists mostly of music, and this year we had a real extravaganza: a one-day festival of lute song, with the launch of two new Lute Society editions of songs (one old and one new) and no fewer than six mini-recitals by lute song duos and trios. At a time when there is concern about the "greying" of classical music audiences and performers alike, note that a number of the performers have the freshness of youth about them, being current or recent students. The day concluded with a performance of Italian theorbo music from Cristina Lyssimachou, an unusually gifted student at the conservatory in Vicenza, Italy.

  • AGM, agenda as usual
  • Jeni Melia and Din Ghani perform lute songs not by, but connected with John Dowland
  • English Ayres (Jeni Melia, Helen Price, Chris Goodwin, Alison Kinder) present a new Lute Society edition of cavalier partsongs
  • A Garden of Eloquence (Katharine Hawnt, Ziv Braha, Uri Smilansky) perform lute songs by John Danyel
  • Rebecca Bouckley, Sophie Brumfitt and Chris Goodwin perform women's theorbo songs of the Restoration, and Italian duets.
  • CN Lester and Toby Carr perform 'Touches of Sweet Harmony: Shakespearean lute songs', including pieces by Johnson, Morley and Jones.
  • Dionysios Kyropoulos, Rebecca Gibson, and Michael Fields perform lute songs for bass, soprano, and dialogues, by Notari, Dowland, Caccini, Humfrey, Purcell, and Eccles.
  • The Lute Society recital: Cristina Lyssimachou performs Italian theorbo music by Piccinini, Kapsberger and Castaldi


November 20th, 2010 at the Dutch Church. The long-awaited facsimile of Dd.2.11 was on sale, and Nigel North gave the main recital, and a talk on Dowland.

  • John Dowland, aspects of interpretation, a talk by Nigel North
  • Lutecosmos, a new approach to lute teaching, a talk by Brian Wright
  • Mudarra's vihuela songs, talk and mini-recital by Matthew Spring and Sara Stowe
  • Mini-recital of new Shakespeare songs, by Brian Wright with soprano Jeni Melia
  • The Lute Society recital: Nigel North plays music by John Dowland

Guest luthier: Jorge Senteiro

New publications on sale: the long awaited facsimile of Mathew Holmes MS, Dd.2.11; Brian Wright's Lutecosmos; Gilbert Isbin's 25 easy pieces; 114 easy pieces; Thomas Mace, 8 setts from Musick's Monument.

September 11th, 2010 at the Dutch Church, the theme of the day was Thomas Mace, the man and his music, with talks by Benjamin Narvey, and David van Edwards, and talks reflecting Mace's interest in the viol. The day was crowned with the presentation of a 12 course lute in French flat tuning, typical of Mace's day, newly made by David van Edwards and students, for the Society's hire fleet, on which Matthew Spring played one of Mace's suites. Finally Rosemary Hodgson gave the afternoon's main recital, of music by Dowland, John Johnson, Bacheler, Robinson, Ferrabosco, Rosseter and Danyel.

February 6th, 2010, at the Dutch Church, we had a day dedicated to the theme of lute strings, starting at 10.45, with talks by George Stoppani and Mimmo Peruffo, plus mini-recitals by Richard Mackenzie, and soprano Jeni Melia accompanied by Brian Wright; and at 4.30 a recital of French baroque lute music by Claire Antonini.

8-May-2010 As is our wont, after going through the rigours of the AGM we enjoyed a day made up mostly of music, with mini-recitals by Dale Harris, and David Protheroe, a talk and demonstration on the use of gestures in lute song, a recital by Dutch lute duo David van Ooijen and Michiel Niessen, following their superb recording of the (very hard) Terzi duets, Un’ altra canzona . Following recent trips to the Continent, we had on sale most of the published editions of French, Belgian, Spanish and Dutch lute societies, including the recent Thysius lute book facsimile.

  • Gestures in lute song, talk and demonstration by Rosemary Carlton-Willis, accompanied by David Miller
  • Mini-recital of Sanz and Vivaldi transcriptions on 13 course lute, played by Dale Harris.
  • Mini-recital of lute songs performed, self-accompanied, by David Protheroe
  • AGM
  • The Lute Society recital, David van Ooijen and Michiel Nissen play renaissance lute duets


November 21 Special meeting at the Dutch Church, Austin Friars, London EC2, ‘Dancing to the lute’ joint event with Early Dance Circle, with demonstrations of renaissance and baroque dances to the lute [musicians: Dawn Johnston, Julia Raeburn, Matthew Spring], and grand finale at 4pm: the audience was invited to take the floor and re-enact the Inns of Court dances, to music from a 6-part broken consort [Lovekyn Consort].

Saturday, January 17th at the Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury Way (nearest tube: Holborn)

  • Talk on the mediaeval lute, by Francisco Orozco
  • Mini-recital, Yair Avidor plays baroque lute
  • Notation, ornamentation and interpretation in French baroque lute music, a detailed look at some 17th century French lute pieces; talk by Chris Wilson
  • Mini-recital, Jeni Melia and Brian Wright perform some of Brian Wright’s recently composed Shakespeare songs
  • The Lute Society recital: Francisco Orozco plays and sings mediaeval lute music and songs.

April 18 at the Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury Way (nearest tube: Holborn)

  • The world's earliest guitar? The Warwick cithole, a 14th century instrument recently restored in the British Musuem, a talk by Chris Egerton
  • Mini-recital, of lute duets played by Luke Emmet and Kevin Drake
  • Extended break, beginning with a guided walk to see the Warwick cithole in gallery 41 of the British Museum.
  • Annual General Meeting; agenda and minutes as circulated with December Lute News
  • Mini-recital, of baroque guitar music by Bartolotti, played by Gordon Ferries
  • The Lute Society recital, Jakob Lindberg plays 13 course baroque lute, music by Kellner, Bach, Reusner, and Scottish tunes.