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Forthcoming publications

The following list includes the proposed new editions which are currently being prepared by Lute Society members. It is not possible to predict publication dates for these editions, but they will be announced in Lute News when they become available. The Lute Society warmly welcomes proposals for new editions from players or scholars who are willing to prepare material for publication.

If you have an idea that you would like to discuss please contact the General Editor of Music Editions.

Work in Progress

  • An edition of William Corkine's music for lyra viol: arranged for renaissance lute by Eric Crouch
  • Modern Edition of the Thibault Manuscript - Volume 1 Lute Solos - Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, Rés. Vmd. Ms. 27 Edited by John H Robinson and Denys Stephens.

Proposed editions - no planned publication date at present

  • Thomas Morley Canzonets 1597 (lute song versions) Edited Christiane Pusch.
  • Lute songs of the Brogyntyn manuscript (those where all parts survive) Edited by Christiane Pusch & Christopher Goodwin.
  • Lute songs of the Brogyntyn manuscript (those where all parts do not survive) Edited by Christopher Goodwin and Ian Payne.
  • Cavalier partsongs: Edited by Chris Goodwin.
  • The Cittern: An illustrated monograph by Peter Forrester
  • An Anthology of cittern music: Edited by Mark Wheeler, to coincide with Peter Forrester's book.
  • Anthony Holborne, Music for Lute and Bandora: transcribed and edited in two volumes by Rainer aus dem Spring: A revised reprint of the original edition which is now out of print.
  • A book of lute cartoons - by David Hill

For further information, contact the General Editor of Music Editions