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Next meeting, November 16th at the Dutch Church in London (nearest tubes, Bank, Liverpool Street). A varied day, with talks from Peter Croton, Nehad el Sayed, and Franco Pavan, on a new lute method, playing the oud, and the newly discovered cache of lute manuscripts; plus mini-recitals from Liz Kenny, Musicke in the Ayre, and the main recital of music for lute and oud, given by Peter Croton and Nehad al Sayed; see meetings for the timetable. All welcome, just turn up - the day is free except for the final recital, tickets available on the day.

New Beginners' lesson - 38 - Gigue (piece number 4 from 'Diverse Collection of Easy Pieces for the Baroque Lute’)

Lute Iconography Database (LuteIDB) - now updated to contain over 2200 images and additional search attributes. LuteIDB is a great resource for lute makers, players, art historians, researchers, and anyone who has an interest in the iconography of the lute. See the introduction to LuteIDB for background and details of how to use the search engine. The live version is at LuteIDB online.

Issue 130 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover . See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

Updates to our free downloads and members compositions pages - 16th century Spanish music arranged for renaissance lute and treble instrument by Joaquim Bogunya Chesa, and Sonnets and Epigrams, for voice and lute, by David Protheroe, with piano score supplement.

New Lute Society Music Index - Lute Society Music Index compiled by Michael Heseltine, where you can search all the music supplements of Lute News by title or author.

Summer school listings have just been updated. Still plenty of courses if you haven't booked your lute holidays yet! (Teachers, please contact the Secretary if we've missed any; see summer school listings.

Japanese language page on the website of Taro Takeuchi, who offers help for prospective Japanese members whose English is not very good,

Recent additions to our free downloads and members compositions listings:

New page covering small ads - lute music for sale.

The Lute Online Resources Portal is now live. Most websites mentioned in the last 15 years of Lute News now have links there, and some of the pages are reasonably complete. Others have only sample content - particularly the composers and sources pages - new material will be added to these each day. You are warmly invited to send in interesting links you think we have missed - let's build a Grand Universal Lute Portal!

Looking for a lute player, accompanist, duet partner, or beginner's 'buddy'? We can help you find a lute player in your area, or for your special event (wedding, banquet, advert etc). We are also starting up a lute buddying scheme to put new players in touch with lute buddies in their area.

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  • 158 early Cinquecento preludes and recercars - a bumper collection of early Italian lute music, all standards, beginner to advanced
  • Compendium of 178 Polish dances - another bumper edition!
  • Fun merchandise! Lute-playing mouse paperweight