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Update to our members compositions page. Four songs by David Protheroe: "My layde lay in cooling waters" (text by Glen Weir), Two nonsense songs by Edward Lear, and "Shall I then silent be", by Edmund Spenser.

New! Play a lute duet with a professional lute player on our Youtube Channel! Lute duet - video backing tracks - A perfect pastime for the Covid lockdown! The first duet, we hope of many, is Drewies Accordes, played by Lynda Sayce. Dowload the sheet music on the same page. Note that you can slow down (or speed up!) the tempo using the settings button - generally a little cog icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Issue 133 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover and ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

The Lute in Lockdown - during our times of lockdown and social distancing, musicians are hosting online events and videos to reach their audience. We are maintaining a calendar of upcoming online events, and a set of resources for musicians and support. Feel free to send us links to online lute events, and please support musicians by buying tickets where you can. And why not improve your playing and support a professional player at the same time by treating yourself to an online lute lesson? There's a list of teachers who give lessons by Zoom or Skype at the head of our register of teachers.

Subscribe to our new Youtube Channel! at It's free of course. Many thanks to Peter Jones for setting it up of course. So far there are four very informative films about how to film yourself playing the lute and then edit and upload the film. More films of good quality will be added in due course, and we plan that this will be the forum for 'virtual meetings', with a selection of films launched together for your enjoyment.

A review and reflections of our Spring 2020 playing weekend at Benslow by Adam Dzwonnik

Beginners' lesson - 40 Courant L'Onesta (no. 63 from ‘114 Early to Intermediate Pieces for Renaissance Lute’), by Lynda Sayce.

Spring meetings all cancelled in common with meetings of societies in Italy, France, Germany, Scotland and Netherlands; our next meeting, deo volente, will take place on 12th September, see meetings for details.

Recent additions to our free downloads and members compositions listings:

  • 'Easter in Lockdown' - includes an anonymous setting of 'Befiehl du deine Wege' (Dm lute) plus an arrangement for voice and lute of ‘O sacred head surrounded’, both for Dm lute and old tuning, arranged by Wilfred Foxe. Download. - 2 pieces by Adrian Banchieri, for 3 equal lutes, these are very tuneful canzonas. Also 3 pieces for 4 lutes, including madrigals and motets by Andrea Gabrieli and Pierre Passereau. Arranged by Mike Ashley.
  • 16th century Spanish music arranged for renaissance lute and treble instrument by Joaquim Bogunya Chesa
  • Sonnets and Epigrams, for voice and lute, by David Protheroe, with piano score supplement.
  • A song setting of Miserere, My Maker (Anon) from the Turpyn Book of Lute Songs, by Wilfred Foxe.
  • The Dohna Lute Book - a digital facsimile reconstruction of a book of three German tabulatures by Mattheus Waissel: Lautenbuch 1592-12, Tabulatura Allerley [1592]-13 and Tabulatura Guter 1592-14.

The Lute Online Resources Portal is now live. Most websites mentioned in the last 15 years of Lute News now have links there, and some of the pages are reasonably complete. Others have only sample content - particularly the composers and sources pages - new material will be added to these each day. You are warmly invited to send in interesting links you think we have missed - let's build a Grand Universal Lute Portal!

Looking for a lute player, accompanist, duet partner, or beginner's 'buddy'? We can help you find a lute player in your area, or for your special event (wedding, banquet, advert etc). We are also starting up a lute buddying scheme to put new players in touch with lute buddies in their area.

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  • 158 early Cinquecento preludes and recercars - a bumper collection of early Italian lute music, all standards, beginner to advanced
  • Compendium of 178 Polish dances - another bumper edition!
  • Fun merchandise! Lute-playing mouse paperweight