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Gaspar Sanz - A new translation by Monica Hall of Sanz instructions on accompanying a bass line on baroque guitar - ‘Instrucción de música sobre la guitarra española y método de sus primeros rudimentos hasta tañerla con destreza’. See baroque guitar for further details.

Beginners lesson - 47 - Starting continuo, by Lynda Sayce

Issue 143 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover and ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

Bach Solo Lute Discography - A discography listing all solo music by JS Bach recorded on instruments of the lute family, currently covering over 130 recordings. Collated by John Reeve. See Bach Solo Lute Discography

Updated Lute Society Music index - search through the tabulature supplements by composer

Lute Iconography Database (Lute IDB) There is a new release of this rich and detailed resource of lute iconography images collated and curated by David Van Edwards. Newly updated with better search and usability features: help page and summary or go to the database.

Sonatas for extended neck baroque guitar, by Ludovico Fontanelli edited by Peter Elliot - see free downloads

Tree Editions now available as free downloads on this website - an amazing free lute library, bequeathed by Albert Reyerman. Also added to the main menu for the website - see Tree Edition Files.

Recent updates to our members compositions page. In Autumn, by David Protheroe: three duets for equal lutes; British and Irish songs arranged by Andrew Haxell; Fantasia after Mudarra, Blancrocher XXI by Michel Amoric; Tombeau for Stephen Barber by David van Ooijen; La Rivercada by Joaquim Bogunyà Chesa; Songs in Divers Humours, for medium voice and lute (tablature), by David Protheroe.

Play along with professional musicians Our lute backing tracks page has a number of songs and duets, where you provide the missing lute part, to accompany renowned musicians such as Emma Kirkby and Dowland Works performing Golden Age songs, and duets with Lynda Sayce. Download the sheet music on the same page.

Looking for a lute player, accompanist, duet partner, or beginner's 'buddy'? We can help you find a lute player in your area, or for your special event (wedding, banquet, advert etc). We are also starting up a lute buddying scheme to put new players in touch with lute buddies in their area.

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  • 158 early Cinquecento preludes and recercars - a bumper collection of early Italian lute music, all standards, beginner to advanced
  • Compendium of 178 Polish dances - another bumper edition!
  • Fun merchandise! Lute-playing mouse paperweight