The Lute Society: Membership


Members receive:

  • Lute News, a quarterly magazine which includes a tablature supplement, usually 40 pages of music, specially chosen and edited by our team of editors, in paper plus PDF format (or PDF only if you choose the electronic-only membership)
  • Lutezine, an extended electronic colour supplement to Lute News with lots more tablature (often 100 pages or more), longer articles, photo stories etc,
  • The Lute, an annual scholarly journal

Plus discounts on our ever-growing list of music publications, booklets and plans; and details of our meetings, concerts, and playing days and weekends.

You don't have to live in the United Kingdom to benefit from being a member - around half of our members live outside the UK, and subscribe because they enjoy its publications.

Not sure if it's for you? For a FREE SAMPLE COPY of our magazine, Lute News, just contact the secretary.

Subscription Rates for 2023

You can join at any time, and you will get the all the issue of Lute News for that calendar year, plus the first two issues of the following calendar year. New members joining after November 1st will automatically be enrolled for the following year unless they request to the contrary. Members for last year who had not renewed this year will be re-enrolled for the current year, if rejoining up to February, so as not to miss any issues - please contact the secretary if you actually want to skip a year.

Student subscriptions are also open to those who would normally be eligible for concessionary rates in other contexts, e.g., the unemployed, people on restricted incomes, the state basic pension only - contact the secretary if in doubt.

Please set your user preferences (this is required by the new European data laws) then continue onwards to choose your subscription level and payment with PayPal.

Rates for 2023:
  • ELECTRONIC-ONLY MEMBERSHIP: 1 year: £30 2 years: £58 3 years: £87 Student / concessions: £16 New first-time member: £25;
  • PAPER-AND-ELECTRONIC MEMBERSHIP: UK: 1 year: £42 2 years: £82 3 years: £123 Student / concessions: £20 New first-time member: £37.
  • PAPER-AND-ELECTRONIC MEMBERSHIP OUTSIDE UK: 1 year: £47 2 years: £92 3 years: £138 Student / concessions: £25 New first-time member: £42
For Euro and US dollar equivalents, or if you wish to join by post, sending a cheque, click on the link to PDF membership form further down the page.

Online payment via PayPal

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Other means of payment

  • If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, and we will tell you how you can do this.
  • If you prefer to pay by sending a cheque in the post, a PDF copy of the membership form is available. The form gives our subscription in British pounds sterling;
  • if you want to pay by cheque in US dollars or Euros use the same form, and we will quote you the current subscription rate in your own currency.
  • If you want to pay by credit card, but don't want to/can't pay online, you can download the membership form, and mail or fax it to us with your credit card details (but, sorry, we can't take V Pay, Amex, Electron, switch or debit cards this way)

Please let us know

  • if you are a first-time member and would like a new member's pack (and any preferences? e.g. 6/7 course music only, beginner's music, etc)
  • if you are a maker and would like to go on our register of makers
  • if you are a teacher and would like to go on our register of teachers
  • if you might be willing to hire out lute(s) to a beginner / potential purchaser