The Lute Society: Matthew Holmes Dd 2 11

The Mathew Holmes Manuscripts I: Cambridge University Library MS Dd.2.11

The crown jewels of the English renaissance lute repertoire, in a beautiful full-colour facsimile. 324 pieces, 200 pages of music, mostly for 6-course lute, some for 7-course lute or bandora, by Dowland, Holborne, Cutting, Pilkington, Bacheler, Allison, Ferrabosco, Francesco da Milano and others. The unique source of 5 pieces by Dowland, and some remarkable anonymous works. A must for any serious devotee of the lute; and even includes some easy pieces for beginners, added by the scribe as page-fillers!

Three volumes in hardback slipcase: 200 page full colour facsimile, plus 70 page commentary, and 8 page fascicle of reconstructions of obscure staves.

ISBN 978 0 905655 71 0

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