The Lute Society: Lutefest 2011

LuteFest at Benslow, 15-17 April 2011

Location: Benslow Music Trust, Hitchin:


Jacob Heringman (solo lute lessons)
Stewart McCoy (lute ensembles)
Jeni Melia (vocal ensembles)
Ian Harwood (mixed consorts)


The Benslow Lutefest, jointly organised with the Lute Society, a weekend exploring the treasures of the lute and lute-in-ensemble repertoire. Lute players of all standards are welcome, with the chance for individual lessons as well as lute ensembles. Singers are welcome too, for lute songs and four-voice ayres with lutes, as are renaissance flutes and recorders for mixed ensembles, and viols, for broken consorts and lute song trios.

The works of Dowland will figure largely, and we hope for some late night madrigal singing in the bar.