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Lute Society Music Index

Search music published in Lute News (available for purchase online at Lute News Back Issues) by composer or title. Index compiled by Michael Heseltine who writes:

You can search this (or any computer document) by pressing Ctrl F, or Command F on Mac.

The index is normally alphabetical throughout, Anon followed by Composers, with their pieces in alphabetical order too. There are one or two exceptions: the many different versions of the pieces by Dowland are listed in the order adopted by John Robinson, and there are a few similar cases for other composers, and the Milano Recercatas and Fantasias are listed in Ness order. I have cross-referenced pieces with alternative titles, listing them separately followed by “see under” and the name under which the piece is normally known. These alternative titles also appear in inverted commas after the main entry.

I have not always given full source details with library shelf marks as many of my early entries were made directly from facsimiles such as Thysius and Board. The name was (and still is) sufficient, so I have not bothered to painstakingly add the full details, but can do so probably quite quickly if you feel it necessary.

I have tried to be consistent, giving only the folio or page number that the pieces start on. If there is no v for verso it will be the recto. Square brackets are used when the composer’s name or the title does not appear in the original source, and for references, Pouton, Ness, etc.

last updated Apr 2022