The Lute Society: Lute in Lockdown Resources

The Lute in Lockdown: Resources

During the lockdown, many musicians and lute enthusiasts are looking for resources to help with recording, editing and sharing digital content and audio online. On this page we will gather various links that you may find useful.

Support Schemes

During this difficult time some ensembles that regularly employ lutes, guitars and theorboes have launched schemes to give financial support directly to their players through public donations. Some players may be unaware of these, so here is a list of the ones we know about with links. Please let us know if you are aware of others, and please give a donation if you are able.

Online lessons

Many lute teachers are now offering remote lessons via Skype/Zoom and similar. This is another way you can continue to support professional lute players, and at the same time improve your own playing technique.

Check with your own teacher. Some lute teachers offering remote lessons are listed on our teachers page.

Advice on recording musical videos with the lute

The Lute Society has a Youtube channel. Peter Jones has made an initial series of videos of practical information about how to record and edit a video of yourself playing the lute