The Lute Society: Lute Backing Tracks

Lute backing tracks

Play along with professional lutenists, singers and musicians.

The assumption is you have a lute in G, with A=440.

Lute Duet - with Lynda Sayce

Lynda Sayce has recorded some video backing tracks of popular lute duet parts. The idea is that you can play along with the video to make your very own lute duet with a professional player.

You can play either Lute 1 or Lute 2 with these duets. You can slow down (or speed up!) the tempo using the settings button (a little cog icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen in Youtube).

Tune up

Drewries Accordes (easy)

See also Beginners' lesson - 41 which covers this.

La Rossignol (easy)

Packington's Galliard (somewhat more challenging)

Galliard after Laveche (even more challenging)

Accompany Emma Kirkby and Dowland Works

Emma Kirkby and Dowland Words have recorded some wonderful Golden Age songs. All they need is you to provide the lute part.

All ye who love and fortune

Break now my heart

Go crystal tears

If thou longst

Maids are simple

Shall I come

O sweet delight