The Lute Society: Leighton Tears

Leighton's Tears (1614) for mixed consort and voices

Score and amended facsimiles of Sir William Leighton "The Teares or Lamentacions of a Sorrowfull Soul. Composed with musical ayres and songs, both for voyces and divers instruments".

Leighton's book of penitential religious verse was published in 1613, and music for many of the verses in the following year. Leighton wrote some music settings himself, and recruited leading composers of the day to set many further settings. Some are for five unaccompanied voices; the ones in this downloadable edition, made by Djilda Segerman, are essentially in four parts, with the options of performance as solo lute songs, or with the fashionable six-part consort of treble and bass viols, flute, cittern, lute and bandora, each ingeniously laid out in the single opening of a table book. This edition presents the late John Cousen's handwritten modern four-voices score, corrected posthumously and with additional verses added for singing, plus four newly-corrected facsimile partbooks for:- lute and voice, bandora and tenor voice, cittern and alto voice or flute, and bass voice or viol, extracted from the original table book.

There a two versions of the modern score, one short, one long with all the verses for singers, plus the four partbooks.

Download the files (PDF)