The Lute Society: Dohna Lute Book

Dohna Lute Book

A Reconstruction of a volume once in the possession of Alexander Fürst zu Dohna-Schlobittten containing the following publications by Mattheus Waissel:

  • Lautenbuch 1592 (RISM A/I W 77; 1592-12; VD16 W 764)
  • TABVLATURA Allerley künstlicher [1592] (RISM A/I W 76 [1st edition; edtion of 1592 not specified]; Howard Mayer-Brown [1592]-13; VD16 W 766 [1st edition; edtion of 1592 not specified]): This edition reproduced the contents of the earlier 1591 print, the only surviving copy of which in D-Ngm is incomplete, lacking a collation, with printer‘s siglum M.
  • TABULATURA Guter gemeiner Deudtscher Tentze 1592 (RISM A/I W 78; Howard Mayer-Brown 1592-14; VD16 W 767)

This reconstruction is based on a volume containing the original books formerly in the possession Alexander Burggraf zu Dohna-Schlobitten and uses photocopies made thereof during the late 1970’s. These were printed on one side only and newly bound. The original books were put up for sale in the 1980’s and their present whereabouts are unknown.

In November 2016 Ludwig Burggraf zu Dohna-Schlobitten kindly loaned me the bound photocopies for the purpose of this digitalisation. In consequence, the scan images show traces of both the original and newer binding. As it was not always clear whether a page was recto or verso I adopted the order given by Howard Mayer Brown in his “Instrumental Music printed before 1600” or, in the case of [1592]13, followed that of the earlier edition.

I am most grateful to Ludwig Burggraf zu Dohna-Schlobitten for his kind help and permission to publish this digitalised edition on the Lute Society website.

Andreas Schlegel, March 2017



Further details for VD16 can be found via the search facility at Opacplus.