The Lute Society: Cheltenham 75 76

Lute Society Summer School: '75 and '76

Photos of early summer schools - most from 1975 and a group photo from 1976. Click for larger images.

Anne van Royen and Tony Bailes


Bill Samson, David vE, Chris Larvin, Crista Benskin, Christine McWilliam

Group Photos 1976

Cittern workshop

Dancing, Eric Franklin conducting

Jakob Lindberg

Jim Tyler

Michaels Lowe and Schaeffer

Various - Ian Harwood (back to camera), Donald Gill, Michael Schaeffer, Michael Lowe, Tony Rooley (back to camera), Diana Poulton (seated)

Pullborough '67

Here is a report on the very first Lute Society Summer School, held in Pulborough in 1967: Early Lute Society Summer Schools as remembered by Bill Samson.