The Lute Society: About the Society

About The Lute Society

The Lute Society, now 60 years old, exists to promote the lute and its music. Members get a new member's pack of 100 pages of lute music, a quarterly magazine, Lute News, with music supplement, an annual journal, The Lute, discounts on our growing range of publications and other benefits. Even if you can't make it to our meetings, playing days, and residential weekends in England, joining is an excellent way of building up your music library, and keeping in touch with other lute players, and with news in the lute world.

We are happy to retail our publications to non-members. The Society currently has around 1000 members.

As a member of The Lute Society you get

  • A quarterly magazine, Lute News, with articles, news, views, CD reviews and competitions, and generous music supplements plus a PDF colour supplement, The Lutezine, with more reports, articles and music
  • An annual scholarly journal, The Lute, with learned papers and book reviews
  • Discounts on our rapidly growing list of publications
  • A New Member's Pack, with over 100 pages of music in tablature
  • Free small ads on the Lute Society website For Sale and Wanted page (see Small Ads)

Here is an anonymised map showing where members live in case you wanted to find a 'lute buddy' - you can opt in, or opt out of this if you join.

We also have

Committee Members


  • President: David Van Edwards
  • Chairmain: Luke Emmet
  • Committee: Kevin Drake, Richard Corran, Peter Jones, Sarah Shepley, Sam Chapman, Nancy Carlin, Luke Emmet, David Protheroe, Martin Hudson, Alain Verberkmoes, Ciska Mertens

Ex officio:

  • Secretary / Editor, Lute News: Christopher Goodwin
  • CD reviews and listings editor:
  • Treasurer: David Protheroe
  • Website Editor: Luke Emmet
  • Editor, annual journal: Christopher Goodwin
  • Publicity Secretary: Hector Sequera
  • Lute hire administrator: Christopher Goodwin
  • Editorial subcommittee, annual journal: Michael Lowe, Tim Crawford, John Robinson, Peter Forrester, Matthew Spring, David van Edwards, Peter Holman, Chris Page
  • Internet correspondent:Melody Packard
  • Principal contributor to Lute News music supplements - honorary member John Robinson
  • Microfilm librarian:
  • Donald Gill librarian: Djilda Segerman

Forthcoming committee meetings:

  • Saturday 17th February, 3pm, Googlespace meeting

Honorary Members

Dame Emma Kirkby, John Robinson, Anthony Bailes, Peter Lay


A copy of the society's constitution is available online.

Annual Accounts

These can be seen at Lute Society Accounts

They can also be seen online at the website of the Charity Commission.

Previous accounts to 2018 (when the society was converted to a CIO structure) can be seen here