The Lute Online Resources Portal (LORP): Websites With Downloadable Tablature


More and more tablature is available for free viewing and download via national and international book digitisation projects, as well as music-specific websites.

Music-specific sites

The Lute Library has links to downloadable tablatures, listed by historical printed and manuscript sources, by date, composer, country and repertoire, etc:
The Choral Public Domain Library,
IMSLP, Petrucci Music Library (incorporating the Werner Icking archive)
Early Music Online, Royal Holloway College, 34 lute sources from the British Library,

Note: IMSLP can be searched by instrument, eg lute, For 2 Lutes, For 3 Lutes. Here is the link for lute duets:

Mostly non-tablature music sites

Score Exchange, searchable for 'lute':
The Tufvesson site
Baroque opera scores, Lully Collection at University of North Texas Libraries:
Important sites for ballads and early song are Lindahl’s Sixteenth century ballads project,
and the Dutch Liederenbank:

General book digitisation sites,
Project Gutenburg,
The online Books page:
EEBO, Early English Books Online:
Bibliotheque Nationale de France site
Hispanic sources at Biblioteca Digital Hispanica
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Digitale Sammlung:
Cambridge Digital Library Music Collection:
Danish National Library music collection
Danish Royal Collection can be searched at the REX website:
The Danish Centre for Music Publication
Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online:
Polona Polish digital library:
UR Research at the University of Rochester:;jsessionid=1D40F3D2FC3533A761BA61AF4BAE59DE?collectionId=63
National Library of Scotland (includes special music collections)

Commercial sites

Neomusic (some free content, some for sale) an online German-based publisher.

Private individuals' sites

Various tablature software packages websites have large amounts of downloadable tablature, typeset in their respective packages, on the site or via links to enthusiasts' websites.

See also:

Allan Alexander’s site
Asteria, medieval music for lute and voice:
Jo Bringman's facsimile links:
Nancy Carlin Grounds and Divisions:
Richard Civiol’s Luth-Lirbrairie:
Wayne Cripps's Tablature in PDF and postscript
Jean Daniel Forget, Baroque lute scores (listed by manuscript and by composer)
Christoph Dalitz's site:
Gavin Emery's Baroque Guitar site, now archived to:
Donatella Galletti’s page
Sarge Gerbode, large library of modern scores in Fronimo, midi and PDF and cleaned-up facsimiles:; alphabetical by composer: Alexander Keliris has created a search engine for this very large collection:
Anton Hoger’s page of lute duos, trios, quartets
Ceza Mateus, luthier, music from Barbe Manuscript:
Thomas Schall: and
Andi Schlegel and F P Goy's accords nouveaux site:
Peter Steur’s database of music for the baroque lute: with links to numerous downloadable sources:
Roman Turovsky, Polyhymnion site, including Karl Ernst Schroeder (reconstructed Weiss duets) under Robert Barto’s pages
Clive Titmuss, Early Music Studio, under Tablatures:
Alain Veylit:
Igor Varfolomeev’s lute and guitar site; many of these also have soundfiles
Arto Wikla, music by Robert de Visee
Richard Yates, music by Vincenzo Galilei and a few others in tab, and guitar transcriptions

The Delcamp French language guitar discussion page has a list of all printed 16th century sources and numerous classical guitar transcriptions:

Other websites' links to sites with assorted downloadable tablature

Xavier Diaz Latorre, links to downloadable tablature and books:
Ed Durbrow's list of sites with downloadable tab:
On Thomas Schall’s site:
On Arto Wikla's site:
Peter Martin's database of downloadable
Ning website (mostly guitar)
Lute Society of America links to downloadable facsimiles: