The Lute Online Resources Portal (LORP): Theorbo


Lynda Sayce's theorbo website:

Facebook group:

Francesca Torelli has published a tutor for theorbo: published by Ut Orpheus Edizioni

Tiziano Bagnati has edited Cadenze e Passaggi diversi for Theorbo from the Modena manuscript G 239, one of the principle instructional sources, published by Ut Orpheus and also a collection of newly composed etudes.

A list of historical sources, with downloadable facsimiles where available, can be found at:

Diego Cantalupi, thesis on theorbo as continuo instrument

The term 'theorboed' was loosely used for all sorts of extended neck instruments, for instance:

‘German theorbo’ essay on the Accords nouveaux website:

Theorboed cittern, essay on the Accords nouveaux website

See also Swedish theorbo