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If you wish to learn the lute, the best option is to have lessons with an experienced teacher, especially in the early stages, since even if you already play the guitar, getting a good right-hand technique to get the best tone out of the instrument is difficult to learn from a book.

If you do not live near a teacher, some teachers can give lessons by Skype. One alternative are to find a 'buddy', an experienced player in your area who may not be a teacher but can show you the basics; contact your national lute societies for help. Another possibility is to attend one of the many summer schools and residential courses with a dedicated lute teacher for some days of intensive tuition.

Here are lists of lute teachers on the websites of the various lute societies:

On the website of the Lute Society (international as well as UK):

Société Française de Luth:

Deutsche Lautengesellschaft: click on Das Lautenspiel, Lautenlehrer

Società Italiana del Liuto: click on Scuole e corsi, insegnanti

Nederlands Luitvereniging: click on links, Luitdocenten