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A comparative review of these, from a seminar held in 2008, appears in Lute News 103, available at Each of the tablature package websites has libraries of pieces typeset in that package, links to enthusiasts’ webpages, users’ discussion groups etc; it is worth typing the name of the package you are interested in into your search engine to find these

Tab, by Wayne Cripps, is a commandline application to typeset lute tabulature. Prior to Wayne Cripps' retirement, these were hosted at the following sites, but those links may not be available long term. LuteScribe (see below) is a MS Windows application that incorporates Tab to produce its PDF output. Luteconv can convert from Tab to other formats. Some other applications listed are able to load tab files.

Fronimo, by Francesco Tribioli: Google discussion group:!forum/fronimo

Fandango, by Alain Veylit: also a large library of scores set in this package, facsimiles and modern editions,

Abctab2ps, by Christoph Dalitz:

Harmony Assistant:


Beiertab by Paul Beier:

Luteconv, a command line utility that converts lute tablature files from one format to another. It currently supports 13 different source formats and 9 destination formats.

LuteScribe, open source/free application by Luke Emmet, compatible with TAB, Fronimo and Fandango files

Simple Tablature Language, by Jim Arlow, originally devised for Gaspar Sanz project:

See also pages relating to tablature processing, tabcode, online musical recognition and searching, and the Electronic Corpus of Lute Music Project (ECOLM) ( at Tim Crawford's pages, Goldsmiths College

Other music typesetting packages

There is a list of packages at
Transcribe! software from Seventhstring aids in transcribing music from recordings:

The Gamera Project, Optical Character Recognition, now being used to read tablature: