The Lute Online Resources Portal (LORP): Renaissance and Baroque Guitar


The Chanterelle editions of the sought-after Gorlier-Morlaye and Adrian Le Roy French 16th century guitar books are out of print, but the Lute Society library has copies; the Tree Edition print of Pierre Phalese, Selectissimae Elegantissimaque Guiterna Carmina (1570) can be downloaded free of charge

It is worth noting some interest among ukulele players in the renaissance guitar, related in history and identical in tuning,
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- A list of historical sources of 5-course guitar music, with downloadable facsimiles where available can be found at the Lute Library, now archived to:
- Anonymous guitar-tabulature, used by Nathanael Diesel.
- Alexander Dean, thesis on alfabeto and 17th century harmony:
- Gavin Emery's Baroque Guitar site, now archived to:
- Monica Hall's pages:
- Monica Hall's translations of instructions for baroque guitar:
- Early Guitar and Vihuela network:
- Gerard Rebour’s pages, with information on Robert de Visee:
- Tony Chalkley’s guitar and viola da gamba page, with baroque guitar tab downloads:
- Practical Woodworker magazine had a series of articles 'Build your own baroque guitar' from June 2004.
- Yaron Naor Youtube film of building a baroque guitar:
- Siguenza, Centro de la Vihuela de Mano y la Guitarra Española “José Luis Romanillos”:
- A selection of baroque guitar sources published by Tree Edition can be downloaded free of charge from the Tree Edition pages of the Lute Society website: