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Principal monographs dedicated to the lute

The lute has a very extensive bibliography, but substantial monographs dedicated to it are few enough to list here:

Jan Burgers: The Lute in the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam University Press:
Jan W.J. Burgers, Tim Crawford and Matthew Spring (ed.), The Lute in the Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century. Proceedings of the International Lute Symposium Utrecht, 30 August 2013 (Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016),
Antonio Corona Alcalde, El Laud en La Espana Cristiana, Sociedad de Vihuela:
Andreas Schlegel, Joachim Luedtke: The Lute in Europe / Die Laute in Europa:
Davide Rebuffa, Il Liuto, Edizione L'Epos:
Douglas Alton Smith: A History of the Lute from Antiquity to the Renaissance, The Lute Society of America:
Matthew Spring: The Lute in Britain, Oxford University Press:

And important conference proceedings:

Jean Jacquot,Le Luth et sa musique, 1, Actes de colloque internationaux du CNRS, 1979, (out of print)
Proceedings of the International Lute Symposium, Utrecht 1986, STIMU / Nederlands Luitvereniging:
Luths et luthistes en occident (actes du colloque . . . 1998), Cite de la Musique (out of print)

Apart from these, there is a bibliography of secondary literature (books and articles) about the lute, published since 1831, listed by author and by year of publication, at The Lute Library


publishing books relating to the lute:

Ashgate, music studies catalogue:
Boydell and Brewer:
Cambridge University Press, Academic Music books:
Centre d’Etudes Superieures de la Renaissance, Tours: catalogue of music publications:
Laaber (composers biographies):
Oxford University Press, music catalogue: