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Only Lovers Left Alive, dir. Jim Jarmusch (2014) featuring a lute and oud-playing vampire

Robert Garfias ethnomusicologist, films of plucked strings in historical music:

Julian Bream pays for Stravinsky:

Julian Bream consort:

Dolmetsch family on film:

Nigel North records Dowland for Naxos:

After the Revival, film by Jon Rattenbury at Goldsmith's College, about early music revival:

Film on mediaeval instruments in frescoes in a French church St Bonnet le Chateau:


You can search for novels with 'lute' in the title at the Open Library website:

Franco Anzalone: Il Lauto Divino (2015) available in ebook format, contact:

Skulda V. Baner, The Voice of the Lute (Longmans, 1959) in English translation, excerpt at;view=1up;seq=25;size=75

Audrey Kemp, The Orpheus Books, a Literary Fantasia on the life of John Dowland:

Norah Lofts, The Lute Player (current reprint, Touchstone, 2009)

R.A. Macavoy, Damiano’s lute's_Lute

Rose Tremain, Music and Silence (Chatto and Windus)

Brock and the Dragon, by Robin Klein and Rodney McRae, an Australian children's book about the son of a knight who only wants to play the lute instead of fighting dragons


On Thomas Schall's website, poetry corner:

An anthology of English renaissance lute poetry is available from The Lute

A selection of Dutch lute poetry is included in Jan W.J.Burgers ‘The Lute in the Dutch Golden Age’ from Amsterdam University Press

Poetry and prose excerpts on Jean-Marie Poirier's page:

German lute and guitar poetry anthology: Ed Rayomond Dittrich, Laute und Gitarre in der deutschsprachigen Lyrik (Leipzig: Engelsdofer Verlag, 2015.)

The lute in French literature, an anthology compiled by Nicolas Hemard, [Lyt], from Ame Editions,


18th century engraving of a dog playing the baroque guitar:

The Lute and the Fury: Youtube spoof documentary about urban youth addicted to mediaeval minstrelsy:

Aquila String Harvest: Youtube mock documentary, inspired by the famous 1957 BBC April Fool’s day spaghetti harvest documentary: (Here is the original from 1957: )

Oud rocks!,funny video on Thomas Schall's website:

The Hendricks pages on the history of air lute: on the Cantigas de Santa Maria and on the Llibre Vermell

Paul Simon playing lute on the Muppet Show:

Rule Britannia on stylophone and lute while seagull eats chips on the beach in the driving rain:

Animals in instrument cases:

Online game, The Doom of the Mad Lute, can be found at
It is based on an old American cartoon series, El Kabong, a dog in a black mask and a cowboy hat who used to hit wrongdoers over the head with a guitar.

Lute underwear sales:

The lute on The Simpsons - Bart's friend Martin plays the lute US version: and dubbed into Italian, on Youtube:

'Lute' - fortunately just a mandolin - destroyed on Star Trek, The Next Generation:

Bill, the Lost Shakespeare Years, released 2015, trailer:

Satirical lute song about the surveillance society:

An army of little men build a viol: