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This was a form of lute played mainly in the German-speaking lands in the 18th century. It looks something like a renaissance lute, and thus represented a return to a simpler design when the main development of the lute had been to a large, unwieldy instruments of 11 to 15 courses.

There is now a website dedicated to the instrument: or

An essay can be found at the Accords Nouveaux website:, printed essays are found in Luth et luthistes en Occident, actes du colloque 13-15 Mai 1998 (Cite de la Musique, Paris) and by Lynda Sayce in Lute News 67, available at, also and Donald Gill, ‘Alternative Lutes: The Identity of 18th Century Mandores and Gallichones’, The Lute xxvi part 2, (1986). Also a short essay by Andreas Schlegel ‘Colascione, galizona, mandora—a clarification’, in The Lutezine 126, ‘Defining the mandora and calichon, an organological study of the instruments of Gregori Ferdinand Wenger. You can also search for mandora at

It is not be confused with the mandore, a small treble lute, resembling a mandolin, perhaps inspired by the late mediaeval gittern, found in France from c.1570 into the 17th century.

Here is list of sources & short bibliography compiled by Lynda Sayce.

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- fragment; wsm. Mandora part for trio in C. Zink.
- fragment, wsm. Mandora part for trios in F, Zink.
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- Wey 663
- Wey 664
- Wey 682
- Wey 692.
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