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The first lute society was the UK-based organisation The Lute Society, founded in 1956. Now many countries have a lute society, whom you can contact for all sorts of help and advice relating to the lute.

Asociacion Argentina de Laudes y Guitarras Antiguas:
Österreichische Lautengesellschaft:
Belgische Luit Academie:
Société Française de Luth:
Deutsche Lautengesellschaft:
Società Italiana del Liuto:
The Lute Society of Ireland: e:
Nederlandse Luitverening:
The Lute Society of Japan:
The Lute and Early Guitar Society of Japan:
Korean Lute Society Facebook Group:
Lute Society of New Zealand:
Societe de luth de nouvelle France (Quebec):
Romanian Lute Society:
Scottish Lute and Early Guitar Society:
Sociedad de Vihuela:
Svenska Gitarr och Luta Sallskapet:
Lute Society of America:
The Lute Society:
Association Guitare & Luth (Francophone Switzerland):
Lute in Croatia [website only]:



The Cittern Society:
International Guitar Research Centre, Surrey University, Guildford UK:
Consortium for Guitar Research, Sidney Sussex College Cambridge:
International Machaut Society
Catgut acoustical society:


The Recorder and Early Music Society of Western Australia Inc.


Helsinki Early Music Society:


Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica della Societa Italiana del Flauto Dolce:
Associazione Culturale Ensemble Baschenis organises concerts:


Centro de la Vihuela de Mano y la Guitarra Española “José Luis Romanillos” / Asociacion de violeria y organologia intstrumental Romanillos-Harris
Sociedad Cultural Cinco Siglos, Estudio y difusión de la Música Medieval


Viola da Gamba Society (UK)
Guitar Societies in the UK: a map:,-0.4422&spn=1.468363,4.22699
British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar
The Dolmetsch Foundation
Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society:
Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments (FoMRHI):
Galpin Society:
Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society, UK,

Early Music Fora: see under one-day events


American Musical Instruments Society:
Guild of American Luthiers
International Guitar Research Archive, California State University Northridge:
Early Music Chicago:
Early Music Colorado:
Southern California Early Music Society:
Viola da Gamba Society of America:
Renaissance and Baroque Society of Pittsburgh:
Society for Seventeenth-Century Music:
The Historical Harp Society by Lowri Sprung:
The Historic Brass Society:
The Handel & Haydn Society, Boston:
The American Recorder Society, Inc. (ARS):
American Guild of Organists
Academy for the Study and Performance of Early Music, Ann Arbor:
The New York Continuo Collective:


Arto Wikla's list of other specific instrument societies: