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As more and more academic material appears online, the distinction between lute history webpages and academic journals becomes less clear: therefore see also Academic journals. It is worth remembering that an increasing amount of lute information appears in online encyclopaedias such as Wikipedia, and that music encyclopaedias are now online: New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart

Note that the archive of discussions on Wayne Cripps’ Lutenet: can be searched by topic.

Individuals' websites

Many luthiers have notes the lute and its history on their webpages; see lists of lute makers, notable ones are on the websites of: Martin Shepherd: Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris:, Alexander Batov: Dan Larson, Gamut Music:

The history on the website of David van Edwards is particularly notable:


The late Christian Brassy's French language medieval instruments site:
Diego Cantalupi, theorbo as continuo instrument:
Tim Crawford’s researches:
Bernd Haegemann's links to writings on historical performance practice
Lukas Henning's blog:
Texts of English lute ayres on website of Harald Lillmeyer:
Marc Lewon's blog:
Mignarda's Unquiet Thoughts lute blog:
Benjamin Narvey's website:
The lute in Nouvelle France (Canada)
Ian Pittaway's blog:
Thomas Schall's webpage, under 'Essays':
Andreas Schlegel’s Lute Corner, ‘research publications’: and on the Accords Nouveaux website:
Kenneth Sparr's website with diverse essays about lute and historical guitars:
Igor Varfolomeev’s lute and guitar site
Arto Wikla's site, articles: scroll down to 'articles'

Websites on general early music theory, dance etc

Musicology articles, some of them related to the lute, at under ‘Encyclopedie Musicale’ and ‘Articles et documents’
Gordon Callon’s History of Musical Instruments page:
Hexachords, solmization and musica ficta:
La Folia:
SCS Renaissance Dance Homepage,
Library of Congress video clips of historical dances from historical dance manuals:
Luthiers and music merchants of Eastern France blog:

International websites concerning instrument collections

Minim, online collection of historical musical instruments,
Mimo, Musical instrument museums online:
Gallica, French online national library,
CIMCIM, the International committee for museums and collections of instruments and music

Websites of national and city collections

Cité de la musique, Paris,
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, historical instrument collection
National Music Museum,
V&A Museum Musical Instrument Collection,
Glinka Museum Plucked Stringed Instruments
Royal College of Music
Royal Academy of Music
The Guitar Museum:

Books available online

It is worth searching GoogleBooks and for digitised books, for instance

Galpin: Old English Instruments of Music