The Lute Online Resources Portal (LORP): Lute Enthusiasts Websites and Other Portals


The websites of other lute societies and lute makers have many links to other sites; in addition to these some lute enthusiasts have websites with a wealth of information and links to sites of interest. These include the websites of:

On John Buckman’s pages:
En choeurs regale, links 3 Le luth et sa musique
Wayne Cripps’ Lute pages:
Xavier Diaz Latorre, links to downloadable tablature and books:
The Lute Library, comprehensive lists of primary and secondary sources:
Amex McCartney's online lute tutor:
Luca Piccioni’s links page
Andreas Schegel’s Lute Corner, ‘links’:
Kenneth Sparr's website:
Igor Varfolomeev’s lute and guitar site
Arto Wikla’s early music pages:
Lute World pages, Japanese based:
Wouter van Geene's website: 'Another Lute website', an extensive list of lute video material,
Paul Kieffer´s Early Music

Other lists of other portals

Early Music Guide, commercial early music links page:
Arto Wikla's list of early musicians homepages: