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There is a bibliography of secondary literature (books and articles) about the lute, published since 1831, listed by author and by year of publication, at The Lute Library


Guitar And Lute Issues, publication of Matanya Ophee's Editions Orphee:
LuteBot Quarterly, a short-lived online journal published by Federico Marincola:


Orfeo, online guitar magazine:
Early Music Review, formerly published by Clifford Bartlett / The Early Music Company, but from summer 2015 online only at


Boletin Sociedad Laudistica Argentina, from Asociacion Argentina de Laudes y Guitarras Antiguas:
Geluit/Luthinerie, from Belgische Luit Academie, now available online:
Le Joueur de luth, from Société Française de Luth:
Die Laute, Jahrbuch, and Lauten Info (quarterly) from Deutsche Lautengesellschaft:
Il Liuto, from Società Italiana del Liuto:
De tabulatuur, quarterly, from Nederlandse Luitverening:
Nostalgia, from The Lute and Early Guitar Society of Japan:
Hispanica Lyra, from Sociedad de Vihuela:
Gitarr och Luta, from Svenska Gitarr och Luta Sallskapet:
LSA Quarterly, and Journal of the Lute Society of America (annual journal) from Lute Society of America: The journal is now open access at
Lute News (quarterly, with PDF colour supplement The Lutezine) and The Lute (annual, formerly The Lute Society Journal) from The Lute Society: and


Many early music journals can be read online via JSTOR, and if you do not have a subscription, if you register you are still allowed to read six articles per month: British university libraries can be searched at the COPAC website,

Classical Guitar:
Early Music:
Early Music America:
Early Music Today:
Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments Quarterly (FomrhiQ):
Galpin Society Journal:
Tidig Musik:[create
Music in Art, from Research Center for Music Iconography:
Recercare, from FIMA:
The Consort, from the Dolmetsch Foundation:
The British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation Newsletter:
B.M.G. Magazine:
Journal of 17th Century Music:
Viola da Gamba Society Journal (formerly Chelys):


Indiana University music theses online:
Dissertations on lute available for purchase from UMI:

Individual dissertations: Lute. Vihuela and Guitar dissertations since 1970; list compiled by John Griffiths, with additions

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