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The Lute Society, now over 60 years old, exists to promote the lute and its music. Members get a new member's pack of 100 pages of lute music, a quarterly magazine, Lute News, with music supplement, an annual journal, The Lute, discounts on our growing range of publications and other benefits. Even if you can't make it to our meetings, playing days, and residential weekends in Britain, joining is an excellent way of building up your music library, and keeping in touch with other lute players, and with news in the lute world.


Beginners' lesson - 42 - Weiss Menuet (piece no.32 in the society’s ‘A Diverse Collection of Easy Pieces for Baroque Lute’) - lesson by Lynda Sayce.

Tree Editions now available as free downloads on this website - an amazing free lute library, bequeathed by Albert Reyerman. Also added to the main menu for the website - see Tree Edition Files.

An online Benslow Lutefest: in lieu of annual spring residential lute jamboree in Hertfordshire, there are three livestreamed concerts to enjoy from the tutors, Virtual tickets £10 for each performance, book online at See full details are Benslow Lutefest 2021. The concerts are:

- ‘Sweet, stay awhile’ - Music by John Dowland and John Danyel: Sara Stowe, Lewis Spring, voices, Matthew Spring, Lynda Sayce, lutes and viols, Monday 19th April at 20.00 BST with post concert lunchtime talk by Matthew Spring 13.00 BST on Tuesday 20 April 2021 (FREE entry)
Register here
- Alison Crum (viols) and Roy Marks (lute), A Spagna in the works, renaissance works for lute and viol, Alison Crum and Roy Marks, Monday 26th April at 20.00 BST
- Lynda Sayce (lutes) Music from the Marsh lute book Thursday 29th April, 20.00 BST

Issue 136 of Lute News is now out, with nice Christmas surprise in the music supplement - see its colour front cover and ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

You are invited to our third virtual meeting free and open to all, to enjoy at your leisure, with a talk from Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart on creating historical intabulations, a breakdown session on Dowland's Lachrimae from Liz Pallet, and recitals from Sam Chapman, Toby Carr, the duos Amarylli and Duo Coordonné. All the videos to date on our can be seen on our Youtube channel and links to previous virtual meetings are at meetings.

Brian Wright's Tombeau for Julian Bream has been recorded by Bernhard Hofstoetter on Youtube:

Play along with professional musicians Our lute backing tracks page has a number of songs and duets, where you provide the missing lute part, to accompany renowned musicians such as Emma Kirkby and Dowland Works performing Golden Age songs, and duets with Lynda Sayce. Download the sheet music on the same page.

Update to our members compositions page. Songs in Divers Humours, for medium voice and lute (tablature), by David Protheroe; Thomas Haxell: Tastar de Corde; Wilfred Foxe: Raindrops in Holmfirth; Cezar Mateus: Four Pieces for Renaissance Lute; Joaquim Bogunyà Chesa: Some New Pieces for the Lute.

New addition to our free downloads page: Sweet was the sounge the Veregin sange, Anon. Arranged by Wifred Foxe. The Flute and the Lute Vol. 2 - English music from the Golden Age, arranged by Joaquim Bogunyà Chesa. Also Les Folies d'Espagne for Theorbo, by Robert de Visée (original is from Falconet MS which is not in very readable condition). Typseset by Wilfred Foxe.

The Lute in Lockdown - during our times of lockdown and social distancing, musicians are hosting online events and videos to reach their audience. We are maintaining a calendar of upcoming online events, and a set of resources for musicians and support. Feel free to send us links to online lute events, and please support musicians by buying tickets where you can. And why not improve your playing and support a professional player at the same time by treating yourself to an online lute lesson? There's a list of teachers who give lessons by Zoom or Skype at the head of our register of teachers.

Looking for a lute player, accompanist, duet partner, or beginner's 'buddy'? We can help you find a lute player in your area, or for your special event (wedding, banquet, advert etc). We are also starting up a lute buddying scheme to put new players in touch with lute buddies in their area.

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New Music Editions

See our catalogue for details and to purchase online:

  • 158 early Cinquecento preludes and recercars - a bumper collection of early Italian lute music, all standards, beginner to advanced
  • Compendium of 178 Polish dances - another bumper edition!
  • Fun merchandise! Lute-playing mouse paperweight

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As well as our online shop where you can purchase our publications, our website contains a number of listings of lutes for sale, makers, teachers, publishers, summer schools and other links.

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