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Beginners' lesson - 26 - Courante Sa Beauté extreme (piece number 13 in ‘114 Early to Intermediate Pieces) for 10c lute, by Lynda Sayce.

Issue 117 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover - and the ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

Beginners' lesson - 25 - La Bassa Della Ninfe (piece number 12 from '40 Easy to Early Intermediate pieces'), by Lynda Sayce

Lute Society Summer Party - generously hosted by Joyce and John Reeve was held on Saturday 2nd Jul 2016 in Maidenhead further details and location. Guest performers were Richard Mackenzie and Mark Willcocks.

Issue 116 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover - and the ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

Beginners' lesson - 24 - Spagnolleta - piece 12 from '70 Easy to Intermediate Pieces', by Lynda Sayce.

Our residential weekend Lutefest 2016 was held at Benslow Music in Hitchin, Herts, 17/18th-20th March. The tutors were Hopkinson Smith, Paula Chateauneuf, Stewart McCoy, Roy Marks, and Jeni Melia.


Members compositions updated with Book of Songs by Joaquim Boguñà Chesa

Beginners' lesson - 23 - Caring for your hands, by Lynda Sayce.

A catalogue of our collection of vinyl records is now uploaded. Some items can be lent to members on request.

The Lute Society Microfilm Collection currently has 424 reels of film containing 337 unique items of music or musical theory. This has now been re-catalogued for the benefit of scholars and researchers. See microfilm catalogue for details, - now updated with following a recent generous donation of microfilms by Peter Trent.

Beginners' lesson - 22 - Larouse - piece number 13 from The Lute Society's '58 very easy pieces', by Lynda Sayce.

Holidays with your lute! See our newly updated lute summer school listings - more than 70 residential holidays for lute players.

Beginners' lessons - now with links to online sound files! Now you can find links to recordings by Jacob Heringman and David van Ooijen to accompany most of Lynda Sayce's lute lessons for beginners - hear what the pieces are meant to sound like!

Now available! Anthony Rooley and Evelyn Tubb's CD 'Orphan Wailings'; a major contribution to the contemporary lute song repertoire, on sale on our catalogue page - also some other excellent recordings, as advertised in Lute News.

Stephen Gottlieb, lute maker filmed in his workshop in 1979 for the BBC In the Making Series - video now available.

Issue 113 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover - and the ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

A new addition to our members' compositions collection - a set of 3 lute songs for soprano and renaissance lute by David Braid.

Lute Society Summer Party - Lute Society Summer party, generously hosted by Joyce and John Reeve on Saturday 13th June 2015 in Maidenhead further details and location. Guest performers were Sam Brown and Toby Carr.


Beginners' lesson 19 - The Owld Man part of our beginners lessons by Lynda Sayce.

Beginners' lesson 18 - Hast Du Mich Genumen, Judenkünig part of our beginners lessons by Lynda Sayce.

Some photos from lutefest 2013 at Benslow are now uploaded - see Photo Gallery Events


Beginners' lesson 16 - on the often vexed question of how to tune your lute.

Issue 105 of Lute News is out - see its colour front cover - and the ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

On Sunday 12 May, Hungarian Lute Afternoon, at the home of Stephen and Jane Gottlieb, in East Finchley, London, the wonderful duo, virtuoso Géza Fábri with singer Tünde Ivánovics made a welcome return to teach the Koboz, followed by a house concert in Hampstead. Further details of their performances and UK events are on their tour poster.

Our residential weekend - Lutefest 2013, 15-17 March 2013 at Benslow music trust, Hitchin was a great success. Some photos are uploaded to photo gallery - events.

An interview with Sting - First published in Lute News 80, December 2006.

Beginners lesson 14 - Volte Jungker Hans, by Lynda Sayce

Playing Baroque Preludes - an essay by Wilfred Foxe concerning the Prelude and Fantasy for Baroque Lute by Denis Gaultier.


Beginners lesson 12 by Lynda Sayce: Il Conto dell'orco by Caroso.

A newly enlarged grading list of lute pieces at towards lute grades by Martin Eastwell - now over 300 pieces, including six or our student publications and the complete works of Francesco da Milano and Dowland. Check the list to find out what grade you would be, if there were lute grades!

A handy table of the most common lute tunings, compiled by Matthew Leigh Embleton.

Historic photos from Lutesoc summer schools 1975 and 1976: Cheltenham '75 '76

Vicenza lute weekend 14-16 April, jointly organised with Societa di Liuto, a 40-piece lute band played in the stunning setting of the Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, see photo gallery - events for some photos from this magnificent event.

Leiden lute weekend 12-13 May with Paul O'Dette, joint meeting with Dutch and Belgian lute societies. See photo gallery - events for photos.

Beginners lesson 11 by Lynda Sayce: Corrente.


Wilfred Foxe has prepared some Baroque Lute Tabulature available as a free download.

Lute news issue 99 is now out - see the colour front cover.

Beginners lesson 10 by Lynda Sayce: Trenchmore.

Building a lute using original methods - a project report on building a renaissance lute only using techniques and tools that would have been available at the time. An adventure into experimental archaeology by Andrew Atkinson.

Gordon Gregory has made “play-along” files of the 21 John Dowland trios made by Stewart McCoy and published by Stefan Lundgren. The files allow you to practice the Lute 1 parts of the trios accompanied by the other parts played on a computer. The files are available for free download at:

A memorial concert was held for Co-founder and President of the Lute Society, Ian Harwood MBE, at 3pm, Saturday 5th November, at Cecil Sharp House,2 Regent's Park Road, Camden Town, London NW1 7AY; with a retiring collection for cancer charities. Dame Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg and the Lachrimae Consort were among the performers, and many other musicians who knew him or benefitted from his work played sets. Cantus choir, swelled with members of the Society sang Wood's 'Hail Gladdening Light', one of Ian's favourite pieces.

Lute news issue 98 is now out - see the colour front cover.

Beginners lesson 9 by Lynda Sayce: Robin Reddocke, from the Ballet lute book.

On 10-Sep-2011 we had our Hungarian lute day, Hungarian Cultural Centre, Covent Garden, London. See previous meetings for details.

On 21-May-2011, we held our AGM, and a festival of lute songs. This year we had a real extravaganza: a one-day festival of lute song, with the launch of two new Lute Society editions of songs (one old and one new) and no fewer than six mini-recitals by lute song duos and trios. See previous-meetings for details.

15 to 17th April - we held our residential school, Lutefest 2011 at Benslow, Hitchin.

Beginners lesson 8 by Lynda Sayce: Newsidler, Hastu mich genumen. Piece taken from The Lute Society's complete edition of Newsidler's 'Erst Buch'

Avoiding Concert Disasters - pieces of advice from members. Some entrants approached the competition in a spirit of levity, yet all the advice is based on (sometimes painful) experience.


July 2010: Beginners' lesson 5 - by Lynda Sayce: Prelude by Le Roy

June 2010: 5 new articles originally published in Lute news, are now available under our advice section: Comparison of Baroque Lute tutors, English renaissance lute music, Is your lute set up well?, the Old renaissance lute tutor books, and an Introduction to Lute Resources on the Internet

On Saturday June 26th we had our Annual Lute Society Party, hosted by Joyce and John Reeve.

April 2010: New lessons for beginners, by Lynda Sayce.


We are pleased to announce the music for broken consort (treble viol or violin, flute or recorder, bass viol, lute, cittern and bandora) by Matthew Holmes is now available as a free download. See Matthew Holmes Consorts for further details.

O Happie Ground - a new playing edition of trebles and grounds. There is also freely available downloadable grounds that can be played on a computer to accompany yourself as you play the trebles.