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Next meeting: Saturday 19th November at the Dutch Church; a talk on improvisation and recital by improvisation expert Paula Chateauneuf, and an exploration of a recently discovered cache of baroque music manuscripts in Ghent, presented by their discoverer, Greet Schamp, with mini-recitals of their music for voice, lutes, cittern, baroque guitar, and baroque harp, each given by leading players of those instruments - not to be missed! A joint meeting with the Belgian Lute Academy. See meetings for timetable.

Beginners' lesson - 27 - Preludium (piece number 53 in ‘114 Early to Intermediate Pieces), by Lynda Sayce.

Members' compositions page - updated with two songs 'Epigram of Orpheus' and 'Orpheus with his Lute' by David Protheroe

Issue 118 of Lute News is now out - see its colour front cover - and the ezine. See a gallery of previous front covers on the publications page, under Lute News back issues.

New page covering small ads - lute music for sale.

Leighton Tears - Leighton's Tears (1614) for mixed consort and/or voices, edited by Djilda Segerman, now available as a free download on our website.

There is also a specialised lute song event at Benslow later in the year, with Jacob Heringman and John Potter, 19th-22nd September, for which booking will open nearer the time at

The Lute Online Resources Portal is now live. Most websites mentioned in the last 15 years of Lute News now have links there, and some of the pages are reasonably complete. Others have only sample content - particularly the composers and sources pages - new material will be added to these each day. You are warmly invited to send in interesting links you think we have missed - let's build a Grand Universal Lute Portal!

Looking for a lute player, accompanist, duet partner, or beginner's 'buddy'? We can help you find a lute player in your area, or for your special event (wedding, banquet, advert etc). We are also starting up a lute buddying scheme to put new players in touch with lute buddies in their area.

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  • Christmas carols for lute and voice, volume 3 in Brian Wright's Musica Natalis series
  • Complete works of Marco dall'Aquila
  • New stock of CDs, as reviewed and advertised in Lute News
  • New works by Gilbert Isbin
  • Fun merchandise! Fridge magnets with Old Master paintings of lutes